Monday, May 2, 2011

An Outsider's Perspective: cont.

Hello again! This is Kryzdy, writing a last bittersweet post, before I leave tomorrow.
In all my adventures, I came upon a little story to tell:

Once, not too long ago, there was a girl who lived in the big city. She always seemed to be strapped for time and money, but still enjoyed the simplicities of life, and always desired for a large garden, land to work, and people who made her feel loved (aside from her own family, of course, they were pretty good at that too!). After a visit back home, a situation arose that made her want to go visit some family friends who lived out in the middle of nowhere. She prayed and hoped that she'd be able to go. Sooner than she expected, and much to her delight, the day came for her to leave and go visit her friends!
After a few short setbacks, well one really, she managed to arrive safely and met these friends for the first time ever. She was amazed at how much she felt at ease and at home amidst them, she felt like everything had jumped out of her dreams. The trip seemed like it was going pleasantly slow for the first week she was there. They did a meditation each morning and night, which was very relaxing and helped set a peaceful tone throughout the whole day. The friends offered her delicious food, and numerous chances to learn and experience things she had only dreamed about. The city girl, who was really a country girl at heart, was living the life she always wanted, and felt a little overwhelmed by it all. Often times, she found herself in awe at the daily on goings of this household. They opened her with welcome arms, taught her woodworking, patience, how to love, and even how to play (she played volleyball, badminton, and even went horseback riding bareback on the beach)!
She carded wool, spun it into thread and learned how to use a treadle sewing machine, as well as helped build a door for the greenhouse, and other projects around the house. She was loving life so much and was trying to keep all her wonderful memories close to her heart. 
Suddenly, the Easter Sunday passed with a wonderful day of games and giggles. Monday, then Tuesday... one of the little people of the family "kindly" reminded the girl that she only had one week left. Wednesday came with more laughing, games, long walks, and great food. Thursday and Friday came with a bit of better weather than they had gotten through the week, and the girls all decided that they would sleep out in the cabin. Friday night ended with stories, videos and popcorn (and a possible mouse or bat jumping through the rafters in the ceiling!) Large thumping noises in the woods were the source of the girls' pounding hearts, but eventually, the sounds of crickets and a nearby running creek lulled them to sleep.
Saturday brought sad thoughts to the girl, as she felt her days getting numbered. The second Sunday was upon the girl and the family, the kids finally all agreed to fulfill the Easter prize of a football game, despite the fact that it was hailing outside. After the game (the girl was on the losing team), they all went inside for coffee and ice cream! The evening ended with a movie (which had a slightly disappointing ending) and a few board games.
Monday is upon the poor city girl now, the day before she leaves. She keeps thinking back to the work they all did together, singing, playing, building, laughing, eating... She wishes she didn't have to leave, but all good things must come to an end and she looks forward to the day she can return!
On that happy note: here's a few pictures from the trip!! In the meantime, enjoy and I hope to talk to you on my next visit!! Bye bye for now!

When we went to the beach, there was a slide we played around on.
Long walks were a large part of the activities we did (even though the one in this picture is of us walking from the van to the beach.. not really a "long walk")
So sweet!
Horseback riding in the water was a wonderful feeling!
For Easter, we blew up balloons! A few are still floating around and we have been using them for indoor volleyball into the loft.
Annie and Donna on our bike ride. Poor thing was exhausted (Donna was too)!  ;-p
Donna, looking so cute! The cubes seemed to fit the moment.

Learning how to card wool (and eventually spin)... amazingly, my teacher isn't the one on my right!
Learning a bit of woodworking. My teacher was very patient and helped me, even though we both had issues with our projects. (I even managed to cut myself!)
On a cold, blustery, spring day we all went-a-weeding in the strawberry patch. We went inside shortly after this picture was taken!
We went to the cabin to eat, drink, and be merry (except I was the only one who had any of the water I brought out!)
As I tried to get everyone in a group picture (see the group picture above), and Michael jumped through the shot at the best possible moment!
Donna playing with the flashlight covers.
Us girls getting ready for bed in the cabin!
As I prepare to leave, I stare off into the distance and wait anxiously for my next trip to this beautiful place and these wonderful people. 


  1. beautiful post sis! I am so happy you connected with them. They are wonderful folks!

    Feeling a bit envious!
    Love you!

  2. Awesome post Kryzdy!!!!!


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