Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Liquid Spreader Thingy 2000

Hey there, people!

Andrew here--just want to quick share a little liquid fertilizer spreader thingy that we built yesterday. Mom's been begging for something like this for a year or two now, and it wasn't until a few days ago that we realized that the unused fuel-oil tank sitting next to our vacant old mobile home would fit the bill perfectly!

So, we dismantled it, cut a hole in the top and got a good hot fire in there to burn out the residual junk.

Then we strapped it to an old trailer and connected an 1 1/2'' pvc pipe with the aid of a shower drain flange. Michael wasn't too happy about crawling in there to feed the flange out the hole, but he cooperated eventually...

Some more pipe with holes in it, and the $30 250 gal. liquid spreader 2000 was ready to go! We could have used longer 'wings' for a wider spread, but that's how long our scrap pipe was..

So anyway, now Mom can spread minerals, probiotic bacteria and all kinds of other good stuff on our rather unproductive field to her heart's content!

As a side-note, our greenhouse is finally starting to pump out some greens! Our spring weather has been quite un-springy, making green growth a slow process..


  1. Andrew! It looks great! I'm really glad it ended up working. The veggies in the greenhouse have gotten taller since I left.. so sad. Anywho, thanks for the post!


  2. Awesome stuff! I love seeing people creatively make useful things out of junk lying around...good work!

  3. Well, how clever is that! I'll be looking forward to seeing your plants grow. This is my first visit, so I'm off to get to know y'all better!
    Love, Anne (from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland)

  4. Smart Smart Smart solution! Smart hesitation on Michael's part too;) This reminds me of the homebased articles I read in Homesteading magazines of all sorts. Nice to see the post from Scotland too. Hope Krydzy comes back soon. Happy Ferilizing and ormusing !

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