Sunday, May 15, 2011

Long Ears and Whiskers

Looking through our photo library this morning, it would appear as though the kids had a baby bunny photo shoot the other day...

This is the momma's second litter and Theresa was happy that she seems to have caught on to this whole mothering business. Her first litter was neglected, but these fat little babies show no signs of hunger or neglect!
Rather like big round toads with ears...
...that pee on you every time you pick them up! :)

Of course Theresa doesn't mind that...
..she picks them up all the time anyway.

And why not? They're perfect hand size right now.

Oh, but a good photographer doesn't exclude the other bunnies just because they're old and fat now.
No, he photographs their indignant, jealous little faces, even if they aren't cute at all anymore... 
...just to be fair.


  1. Aww!! They are getting so big!! They're adorable!! Love and miss you guys!

  2. Now that I see them, I guess I don't want to eat them..... : ( lol!

    Loving my stay in Madison!!! Feels so weird to be relaxed and not have to worry about anything they have a pool and jacuzzi too!!!! Slept in till 8 yesterday morning for once believe it or not!!

  3. Oh, come on now, the old ones are cute too. *smile* Just love the little ones because they are so little. *big smile* Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!


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