Monday, May 30, 2011

Lightning Show

Last night, after the rain chased us off the volleyball court, we spent the evening on the porch watching a neat lightning show as a southerly storm blew in. Along with the rest of us, Donna loved it. I remember being afraid of thunderstorms as a tot, so I was enjoying watching her marvel with us over the thunder and lightning booms without the slightest bit of fear. "Oooh, dat was a goot one!" she kept exclaiming after a streak or a boom. I think the hours of entertainment that the storm provided us is proof that we're country bumpkins. ;)

Stephen got his camera and was having fun setting up an elaborate lightning-streak photo shoot. Here's just some of his fantastic results:



After the younger kids drifted off to bed, I grabbed a guitar and, backed by the resounding echos of thunder and illuminated with the strobe lights of lightning streaks and flashes, the girls and I practiced some of our harmonies out on the porch. Such a relaxing way to wind down before bedtime.
(Annie's not a bottle drinker herself, she was just minding it for Donna.)

Today, it's still been raining cats and dogs outside, but we're all quite happy about it because yesterday our wonderful Daddy donated a drum set to our band! We have it set up it out in our mobile home living room along with the other instruments and we've been having a blast (literal 'blast') out there blowing the roof off the place while the rain pours down outside...

(Like my makeshift mic stand? hehe!)
Just in for lunch right now, but headin' back out for more fun shortly! Here's hoping that the sun stays behind the clouds, the gardens continue to soak in more rain and the music and fun hold out for the rest of the afternoon!

Did I mention I just love these kinds of days?!! :)


  1. Beautiful lightning shots Stephen!! I too love a great storm. Ryan and Milo were camping in the porkies w/ the boy scouts over the weekend - I hope they made it ok thru those storms. A. Mar

  2. Wow, Stephen's lightning photos are really spectacular! That second one especially - I could see that framed and matted with an inspirational quote or something. ;-)

    And I laughed so hard at your "Annie's not much of a bottle drinker" caption! That was awesome! :-D

    Have a great evening!

    Love in Christ,

  3. Awesome pics!!

    Thats a pretty cool band set up too!

  4. These are incredible lightning shots. As you Americans would say.... they're awesome!
    What a lovely way to wind up the day - by singing and playing guitar on the porch.... dreamy :)


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