Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Places

Everyone has their happy place. 

I think mine is somewhere between a freshly bloomed lily and a happy wild mess of zinnas.

For some, it might be sitting by your best friend in a sunny pasture.

Others might find it in the satisfaction of hard work turned into a year's supply of garlic.


Or in that miniscule space between sky and ground at the top of a mountain.


 Or maybe between the four legs of a colt you've raised.

 (Who recognizes this little boy, Guster, from last winter?)

All grown up now!

 And lots of people (myself included) discover it in the diminishing light of a setting sun across crashing waves.

Or in that ring of slightly warmer sand around a beach fire.

 Wherever your happy places are, I hope this summer is providing you lots of time to enjoy them and explore new ones!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Snippets of Summer

Here's a quick peak into our summer. Enjoy! 

Boys and Dad work on firewood while Andrew builds the new woodshed to store this years firewood.

A bit cooler weather means Theresa is trimming all her horse's hooves!

 Our shop has been nicely busy--we're pumping a lot of productivity out of that little wood shop!

Now that the bugs aren't annoying the horses anymore, the children are! ;) Our four legged creatures get a lot of attention on these beautiful summer days.

Lots of time for swimming and play leftover at the end of these long summer days--LOVE it!!


Farm puppy! :-)


The garden is such a peaceful place in the evenings!

So ends another lovely day!

Thanks for sharing,