Friday, October 30, 2009

In answer to yesterday's post...

Yes, it is Indiana John.

 He's donning the fedora one last time for the Final Escapade!

I'm really excited about this latest Indiana John. I think the script is great, the story line is fast paced and the characters are fresh and exciting. What's more, they've relented to having girls in the story this time o'round! Just filming it has been a blast, we've already been working on it for the better part of the summer and are quite pleased with the footage that's been coming in. We hope to be done filming soon, but because of the visual involvement in this flick, it's liable to hang around in post for awhile. Oh well. We have no idea when it will come to a complete wrap but we're hoping for an end of the year 'release' at this point.

Anyways, the boys have lots of stuff planned for keeping you up to date on the progress of this film at our Lund family productions website, so you can keep your eye on that. Currently, if you go to Lund Family Productions you'll find the Final Escapade under movies where there's more info about the new characters.

I'll let you know when the trailer is released!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009


Just popping in to share pictures of our first snowfall. It was actually like a week ago, just to show you what a terrible blogger I am! But Stephen and Michael got some pretty cool pictures and I wanted to share.

So, lets take a little walk around the farm, just like the boys did that morning...

You'd start by seeing Theresa coming in with the milk...

Next you'd see Willie and the other calf's eagerly awaiting their breakfast...
You'd see the apple tree all covered with snow...

As well as the front porch...

And our maple trees in full color with a layer of snow on them!

Oh, and take a glance at the back pasture...

It's all melted now and we haven't seen anymore since. The kids were sure excited tho! Johnny wouldn't even stop to eat breakfast that morning, he had to run out and throw snowballs at the boys while they did their farm chores. Later, Mom went outside for something and he promptly called: "Mom, do you want me to hit you with a snowball?!"  

Well that's all I have time for right now. I'll 'talk' to you all later!

Pretty isn't it? I love living down a dirt road...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Danny's Interview..........By Michael

I'm going to interview Danny (my ram).

Q. Ok Danny, I'm going interview you and I want you to answer honestly, ok?
A. I will try to make it as close to life as possible.

Q. How do you like your fellow sheep?
A. I can't stand them! They're always in the way and they complain when I butt them!
Q. So, do you like people better?
A. When they scratch me, yes....
...but not when they tackle me down and take these huge scissors with really pointy tips and cut off all my hair.
And then they make these socks out of my hair:
Then they pass them by me:
And I try them on to make sure they're soft and well made:
Hey, it fits!

Yes, that's very nice.

Q. So, what do you do being a sheep?
A. Well, mostly just eat and sleep.
Q. So, where do you like to hang out?
A. Wherever there is food.

Q. What do you like to eat?
A. Whatever comes in my pen.

Q. How heavy are you?
A. Classified information.

Q. How strong are you?
A. Not quite as strong as the bull Dozer.

Q. Are there any other sheep like you?
A. None are as handsome or aggressive.

Ok, well thank you, Danny.

Hope you enjoyed my post about Danny!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photos That Tell a Story... by Stephen

Hey guys, it's my turn to make a blog post, so don't expect the quality of Mary's posts.

I want to write a little about five of my pictures that I have captured over the years and that (sort of) tell a story.

5. The Mysterious Paw...
A paw that moves fast,
A paw that attacks cats,
A paw that has claws,
That are attached to his paws;
A paw that you know
Is attached to a kitty below!

4. The Abandoned Wagon
This wagon was pulled
By a girl six years old,
The wagon held a bear,
That could only stare,
As the girl walked far
And then got hit by a car..... She's ok now though.

3. Mommy's Here....
These small arms that have searched the ground,
And at last have finally found,
The one that feeds, cleans, and loves her;
By all means, her Mother!

2. Tranquility
The sun is almost gone,
The boy is sure it wont be long
Until they have to go;
Yet inside he still knows,
That he will return before the snow!

1. Winter's Warmth
The glitter in the snow,
From the moon with a large glow;
The light shines from the home...
That is our very own!

Ok, so that's my best shot at being poetic.
Hope you liked it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweet Chattering Among Friends...

Donna had so much fun picking out her own apple the other day...And there's nothing like...
...fruit fresh on the vine!

Hello Everyone!
 So, I can no longer deny that fall has come to the u.p. In some respects I'm fully expecting the coming of winter, in that we're already practicing Christmas carols, (yes Christmas carols, much to the boys chagrin), but in other aspects I'm in denial, like in the fact that I'm refusing to dig out my winter sweaters and instead prefer to catch my death in a Tshirt and light spring jacket on a windy 30 degree day.

The other night was our first frost and it was a heavy one. The locals say it's late this year, but it still managed to catch our garden at the end of harvest season here. We covered and managed to save a lot of things, but still suffered a few losses.

The chores have been continued harvesting and processing of everything, as well as putting the gardens to rest for the winter. Today the girls and I put up four and a half quarts of salsa--our salsa crop this year.

We've also been harvesting lots of weeds, both greenery and roots, for the winter. I dug a big armful of dandelion roots to be dried and ground as a (partial) coffee substitute and Mom was able to put the greens up for added nutrition during the winter.

I put up our mint and stevia harvest; only a pint each. But they will make some yummy hot tea this winter. The stevia can also be used as a sugar substitute. Maybe we'll try that for some Christmas treats this year.

We finished backfilling the root cellar. It took about a week of good heavy work and we are now all sporting a good set of callused blisters. Anyone else want some shoveling work done before they disappear?

The list of chores, while being slowly checked off, seems never ending as there are always new ones appearing. We have our 'sunny' and 'rainy' day chores. The sunny ones are far more labor intensive which is why no one complains on a rainy day. They including harvesting, putting the gardens to bed (hauling manure), trimming horse hooves and shearing sheep, working on the root cellar, collecting rustic furniture wood, fixing (raising) the fences in anticipation of winter snow, etc. etc. The rainy day chores are usually cozy more rhythmic tasks of processing, stitching, cleaning, building, carving, fixing and, as always, singing and making music.

Aside from a few rainy days, we've been experiencing skies of the deepest blue, contrasted by the whitest of clouds and an array of red and gold trees along with a big, still green pasture. So much pleasure for the eye in just a single glance. Now to add a few happenings of interest to the scene, (as though scenery of brilliant colors wasn't enough): the filly and the colt are kicking up their heels in the pasture together as they race from end to end, spitting out a spray of horse manure and mud as they take the corners. Just in front of the garden fence, the mother hen with her new clutch of eight chickies are scouring for bugs among my pink and white hollyhocks. In contrast, a mother turkey leads a large train of fat little turkeys across the back pasture, with obvious idleness toward the completion of their destination. A glance out of another window will catch you the scene of Dad and Theresa competing on the volley ball court. It seems like just yesterday that Andrew and I put that court up, yet now I see it's ground is covered in yellow leaves. Why is it that fall is an annually occurring surprise for me?

If only there were words worthy of portraying to you the smells that go along with this color and these scenes. It's a cool air, fresh off Lake Superior and new after the rain. It's nippy with a hint of winter and, an almost literal taste of fall. And yes, it has that smell of farm which some refer to as 'stench' while others recognize as the bidding of home. It's altogether wonderful and completes the feeling, like the lace around a tediously embroidered hankie.

This lifestyle is truly a way of living life to it's complete and total fullest.