Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Danny's Interview..........By Michael

I'm going to interview Danny (my ram).

Q. Ok Danny, I'm going interview you and I want you to answer honestly, ok?
A. I will try to make it as close to life as possible.

Q. How do you like your fellow sheep?
A. I can't stand them! They're always in the way and they complain when I butt them!
Q. So, do you like people better?
A. When they scratch me, yes....
...but not when they tackle me down and take these huge scissors with really pointy tips and cut off all my hair.
And then they make these socks out of my hair:
Then they pass them by me:
And I try them on to make sure they're soft and well made:
Hey, it fits!

Yes, that's very nice.

Q. So, what do you do being a sheep?
A. Well, mostly just eat and sleep.
Q. So, where do you like to hang out?
A. Wherever there is food.

Q. What do you like to eat?
A. Whatever comes in my pen.

Q. How heavy are you?
A. Classified information.

Q. How strong are you?
A. Not quite as strong as the bull Dozer.

Q. Are there any other sheep like you?
A. None are as handsome or aggressive.

Ok, well thank you, Danny.

Hope you enjoyed my post about Danny!



  1. Good job Michael -especially liked that Danny wouldn't divulge his ram

  2. Loved your post...made me smile.



  3. Michael - what a great job you did! Loved your interview! Very cute and funny... Brought a big smile to my face... Keep up your efforts - you've got talent (*smile*). We'll all look forward to your next interview. Happy homesteading!

  4. very creative!! he's kinda cute. and he makes nice socks too!


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