Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photos That Tell a Story... by Stephen

Hey guys, it's my turn to make a blog post, so don't expect the quality of Mary's posts.

I want to write a little about five of my pictures that I have captured over the years and that (sort of) tell a story.

5. The Mysterious Paw...
A paw that moves fast,
A paw that attacks cats,
A paw that has claws,
That are attached to his paws;
A paw that you know
Is attached to a kitty below!

4. The Abandoned Wagon
This wagon was pulled
By a girl six years old,
The wagon held a bear,
That could only stare,
As the girl walked far
And then got hit by a car..... She's ok now though.

3. Mommy's Here....
These small arms that have searched the ground,
And at last have finally found,
The one that feeds, cleans, and loves her;
By all means, her Mother!

2. Tranquility
The sun is almost gone,
The boy is sure it wont be long
Until they have to go;
Yet inside he still knows,
That he will return before the snow!

1. Winter's Warmth
The glitter in the snow,
From the moon with a large glow;
The light shines from the home...
That is our very own!

Ok, so that's my best shot at being poetic.
Hope you liked it!


  1. I just LOVE it Steve!!! :) You've got yourself a new job--welcome to the Homstead Daughter team! Though, I have to warn you: the pay stinks. ;)

  2. You are a talented guy!

    That Girl

  3. nice job stephen! my fav is the hands -- very sweet!

  4. Beautiful. You could enter them in a photo contest and win... they are fantastic

  5. ya, i think we all know that your pic.s are by far some of the best (not to make you proud or anything : )) ) well better go thought i would leave a post see ya. Stephen


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