Monday, May 4, 2015

2015's Spring

This year's spring has been very different from last year's and, not gonna lie, way better weather-wise, even counting that bit of snow a week ago! :)
Here's some pics:

Blade shearing sheep. Don't worry Jolie, I know what I'm doing ...mostly. ;)

Mike catches em, helps hold (if needed) and trims their hooves.

Planting trees and shrubs. 62 in one afternoon!

Baby goats.

 I keep thinking this poor horse must be so sick of it's incessant rider, but she doesn't seem to mind when Lizzy comes out with her tack for the third or fourth ride of the day. She's honestly been spending more time riding during these nice days than walking or doing anything else.

Playing at the beach on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 
Someone had to teach Donna proper sand castle construction! ;)

 Nature provides lots of space to play and explore.

 Hope you're all having a wonderful spring of 2015!