Friday, September 19, 2014

Push, Push, Push!

Even though I'm in so much denial right now that I would sooner acknowledge a person as color blind than admit that the trees were changing color, it's hard not to notice that things are starting to get busy. As Mom said, the days are getting into "push, push, push" mode (...though that sounds more like a labor/delivery room chant, haha!).

 It's a sobering kind of busy, where the nip of cool air in the mornings sets a subtle urgency for the rest of the day's tasks. The firewood has to get stacked, the potatoes harvested, the cellar cleaned, the apples juiced, the beans snapped, the animal shelter repaired, and so many other fall chores that come with owning a homestead.

 (Juicing apples with a washing machine. Yes, it's as cool as it sounds!)

 It's hard not to become overwhelmed (actually, I'll go ahead and admit that I'm quite overwhelmed certain days). It's those times that I can be grateful for the daily chores that have become monotonous routine over the years. Things like milking, dishes, and folding laundry provide a certain monotonous background for the mind to work on solving other issues.

Collecting seed heads. 

Growing barley grass (for animals) veg, fish (experimental aquaponics system) and other stuff in the green house. It all requires a lot of attention before winter...

If you're concerning yourself that we're overworking ourselves, you needn't be. ;) We're quite skilled in the art of recreation as well, and rarely miss an evening horseback ride or some game of sports.

Donna getting riding lessons from Theresa.

 That smile...

Here's Sammy Bear, case you were wondering how she's grown...

..And yeah... that's a goat...
Look at this picture!
 I had to take a moment to appreciate the special bond between horses and their girl's as I studied that one... but maybe that's just me. :)

 BFF horse selfie!

Another horse selfie.

  Beach night. Trying to drag summer out just a little longer!

 Hope you're all doing well and getting your fall chores done. Stay positive!