Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Indiana John 2 release!

Call the kids in! The boy's fan movie is finally complete! Click here and go to the blog. Enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Let's go to the beach!"

The U.P. actually warmed to swimming weather last week! Well, 80's and low 90's, but for the U.P. that's definitely swimming weather and the lake felt great!
Donna has found she loves swimming! Particularly: waves, smooth stones and pudgy handfuls of sand.

The Ontonagon River at dusk, during one of our Tue. night volleyball games.

Our town's little lighthouse at twilight.

Still out playing late...

So, as you can see, Stephen is still full swing into his photography hobby. Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of blogging and try to catch up with him one of these days. As it is, the summer is positively flying past me! If only there were a way to hold onto some of these glorious summer days and store them in the closet for later...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Baby!!

Hello out there!

 Getting back into the swing of things here, I have a couple of topics to share over the next few weeks... The first being the birth of this new little creature!

Meet Perla: (Beauty in english. It's an Icelandic name, since she's half Icelandic.)

Here's some pictures from her birth. It's one of the first births we've experienced during the day. Usually they prefer the quiet of the night, but us humans much prefer daylight hours.

Here's her daughter from last year, Frysta, wondering what just came out of her mom...

Trygger, Lena's baby, checking out the new girl.

Just as when Frysta was born, Lena took care to guard the other side of the baby (that Mom wasn't on) for the first few days, keeping her away from the electric fence and the other horses. Thanks Lena--we all love ya!

Well hello there!

Here's her daddy, Duke, thinking she holds some resemblance to him...

Nursin' Mamas...
Here's Perla the next day, all soft and cute. She's grulla, which is a really cool blue/grey color!

Us girls all found those birthin' pictures awesome. The boys... well, they think more like this:

(Sorry, couldn't pass that up! The boys all thought it was a riot. LOL!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Announcing the winners for the 100th blog post giveaway!

First prize goes to: Zach Frey!

Second prize goes to: Julia Pudewa!

Congrats winners!! I will be getting a hold of you shortly...

To all my readers, thanks participating and for being such wonderful readers! You all made this so much fun! It was a blast, and we'll definitely be doing it again.

Final Call for the Giveaway!

One last shout-out before our giveaway ends today!! Leave a comment on the 100th post if you want your name entered in the drawing for a free poster sized image of your choice!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Just a couple of heads up's...

Andrew updated our L.F.P. blog with a fun little music video to Moses and the Battle for the Upper Hand. As I was doing the dishes today, I found myself humming this song and coincidentally, our Moses movie also popped into my head and I suddenly thought, "whoa, those two need to be together!" So, thankfully, I have computer minded brothers who can expertly put together my ideas, and as a result, you have a little something fun to watch waiting for you over at Lund Family Productions. Hope you find it as silly as we did!! Click HERE

Secondly, if you haven't yet, please jump in and include your name in the giveaway raffle, for a chance to win your choice of a high quality poster image. Do you (or someone you know) have a thing for horses, insects, flowers, or blazing skies? Here's your chance to win a vibrant picture showing off what you love!
Remember, if you want your name included in the drawing, you must leave a comment on the previous (100th) post so that I'll have a means of contacting you. I cannot include the names of people (non family members) that took the quiz without also leaving a comment, as I have no way of locating you.

Anyway, enjoy the show!!