Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Baby!!

Hello out there!

 Getting back into the swing of things here, I have a couple of topics to share over the next few weeks... The first being the birth of this new little creature!

Meet Perla: (Beauty in english. It's an Icelandic name, since she's half Icelandic.)

Here's some pictures from her birth. It's one of the first births we've experienced during the day. Usually they prefer the quiet of the night, but us humans much prefer daylight hours.

Here's her daughter from last year, Frysta, wondering what just came out of her mom...

Trygger, Lena's baby, checking out the new girl.

Just as when Frysta was born, Lena took care to guard the other side of the baby (that Mom wasn't on) for the first few days, keeping her away from the electric fence and the other horses. Thanks Lena--we all love ya!

Well hello there!

Here's her daddy, Duke, thinking she holds some resemblance to him...

Nursin' Mamas...
Here's Perla the next day, all soft and cute. She's grulla, which is a really cool blue/grey color!

Us girls all found those birthin' pictures awesome. The boys... well, they think more like this:

(Sorry, couldn't pass that up! The boys all thought it was a riot. LOL!)


  1. Beautiful baby...and I love the little cartoon LOL! Too cute :) .


    Catherine :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the new addition of your half Islandic horse with us. Those are great pictures. It looks like the sack is a blanket and she's just laying at the back leggs of her mom. Not so specific of the process, I enjoyed those shots. Sounds kind of odd, but they are great. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.-me-(Mommy of two little blessings)

  3. How beautiful. Especially how all the horses gather round as the baby is being born. I think that is the way it should be in humans too :0)

    Thanks for sharing


  4. Ooooh, Mary, Perla is really beautiful!! She has such a sweet little face! Thank you so much for sharing your pics!!

    Love in Christ,


  5. nice pics. stephen is that your horse mary? see ya. Stephen

  6. Hi, I saw your screen name...jesusismylight and that caught my eye.

    I find your pictures fascinating. My son (16)recently got his first horse. first one for us ever!. We're a little green in training her but are learning everyday.I'll be back...we love animals also.

  7. That is the cutest little baby ever! I just love horses. How awsome is that that you got to be there this time to see it?


  8. Sooooo cute! Why is it that baby anythings make your heart melt? Sigh, makes me miss my horse (the little trouble maker).

    God bless and God be with,

    -Sarah Daisy


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