Friday, May 27, 2011

Being goofy w/ baby bunnies ;)

Soo, Annie and I were out playing with my 4 week old baby bunnies this morning...
And, after realizing all the useful things that you can do with them, we decided to get the camera and show you ;).

First off, you must be able to find 'em ;).

Okay, now that we've found them...
(Aren't they the cutest things ever?!) 

They make great youngster entertainment when Donna babysits them for us! She's good at it, too; never lets them out of sight and is good at keeping the cats away.

They really do have all kinds of uses (aside from adorableness)..

Like pocket pals...

Heehe. :)

Dandelion disposal... 

Laundry softeners...

Simply stick them in Dad's smelly socks for ten minutes,

or until their nap time is over anyway...

...And don't tell Dad, whatever you do! Heehe! ;)

So, what do you think? Are they useful, or were we just in a really giddy mood? :)
(My vote: giddy!)


  1. Theresa!! you were right!! they are soooo cute!!!! I love how big they have gotten!! perfect size right now!!
    Annie, you looked soo cute when you had them in your pockets! haha!

    and in the sock!! oh my gosh! that was just too much!! them taking their little naps is just the cutest thing ever!!! I want to keep them for my own! lol!!
    Miss you guys!

  2. You Listened : P hehe!

    *Laughing*!!!!! I totally cracked up when I saw those bunnies in the socks!!

    And Donna looks like she could play with them all day if she could! lol!

    What are you trying to do!!!! You gonna make never want too hunt them again : ( lol!

    My Vote: Both : D

  3. My Favorite pocket pals are a money and gum, but I'm thinking I could really happily exchange either one of those for a couple of cute baby bunnies like that.............espcially in below zero weather! ;)

  4. I don't think anyone enjoys chasing rabbits or baby bunnies as much as dog. When she chases them she has the hugest smile on her face.


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