Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Sounds of Silence

Just lately, for some strange reason of which I am unable to pinpoint just yet, I have felt like my ears have been hyper sensitive to the sounds around me.

Perhaps it is because I have been finding time for lots of contemplative quiet walks. Or maybe it's all the delicate, delicious new sounds of springtime filling the air these days.
Regardless of the reason, there are sounds that I have been detecting quite vividly lately and they are the sounds of silence. True silence. And I'm not speaking of complete still and dead silence, but real silence that tickles the ears, that calms and relaxes a person and that is natural silence
It's the natural sound of silence.
It's silence completely unhampered by human intervention. It's where you sit on the porch at night and, try as you might, you can't hear a single car engine or see any electric light or really, anything artificial at all. It's all perfectly natural... Natural scenes and natural silence. As though you were all alone on a mountainside, just listening.
 Natural silence is the singing of birds, the lull of the flowing creek, the chirping of crickets, a gentle wind through grass and the soft mutterings of animals to themselves as they ready for bed.
That is the kind of silence that I really, really love. Some days, and nights especially, I feel as though I live perfectly in the middle of nothing but natural nature... 
...and I absolutely LOVE that thought!!

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  1. I know what you mean - my family and I live in the suburbs, but we do some of our shopping at a little store way out in the country; and I feel that deep peace and silence when I'm way out there. It's such a restful, healing feeling - like nothing is in a hurry, nothing is stressful, nothing can't be taken care of in its own due time.

    My farmer ancestors would still be proud of me. ;-) Thank you for your beautiful post and pictures! They are just lovely!

    Love in Christ,


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