Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wash Day

Rain, wind or snow, wash day must go on!

Ice water! Nice!
 Scrub, scrub!
Haha! Brrr!!
Okay, really this was just meant to (quickly!) test out Andrew's new wringer.
 He put a handle on an electric wringer and clamped it between my washtubs.
Pretty ingenious--the handle is made out of a piece of a fence post.
 Works well!
Well, that was a fun (albeit chilly) experiment to conduct on this snowy morning! :) Keeps life interesting and me from getting upset at our unpredictable UP weather. :)

Say it with me now: "come on spring!!"


  1. Mary, put on a coat dear, you make me cold! Ingenious Andrew...remember when you made a sewing machine out of paper at my house?!! A.Mary

  2. No worries Aunt Mary, the experiment was a wrap in less than a minute. :) I do have a vague memory of a paper sewing machine experiment (Andrew says he only remembers making the paper fireman pager at you house), was it when we were at your house while Theresa was coming into existence? I remember wondering how the needle part was going to work out... Thankfully, his experiments nowadays are much more successful.:)

  3. Come On Spring! Do you all really use that in the winter?

  4. YIKES, Mary, you still have SNOW!!! :-O :-O :-O I am sooo sorry ... it's plenty cold and wet here, but at least there doesn't seem to be any risk of snow!!

    That is a really neat wringer, BTW. You guys are so creative!

    Say, if you have a few free minutes, come pop over to my blog and try my movie-quote competition ... I only have one competitor so far, and there's only about a week and a half left to enter! :-)

    Have a great evening, and try to stay warm!!

    Love in Christ,

  5. Now that's a wringer. Have to agree with A. Mary to get a jacket on. So does the ice water really get those clothes clean? Freezes the dirt right out I imagine. With out the ice water I would have been totally jealous of such a great gridfree washing machine.


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