Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Outsider's Perspective

Hello! This is Kryzdy. I'm visiting the Homestead from Las Vegas, and I am LOVING the time I have spent so far! It was a little rough getting here, since Mary decided to call out the snow; since after a storm, I was unable to land and we returned to Chicago. I was able to catch a flight the very next day, and was welcomed into a great big family.

Everyone was there to welcome me, and made me feel like I was a part of the family; it was like coming home after a long absence. So far, I've been helping with shoveling compost into the garden, weeding, gathering the sap buckets, taking walks, playing volleyball, badminton (I got beat pretty badly), played music and gave moral support during the bee installation. I've taken a few pictures, eaten great food, and had wonderful conversations with my new, long lost family. And it's only day 3!!! We've all decided that it feels like time is flying by, but we've known each other for much longer than we have.

It was decided last night to have me write today's post, and so here I am, in the beginning of my trip telling you how much I am enjoying things. I hope to leave with a very deep friendship and to have developed strong relationships that will last me my whole life. Time will tell, but for now, I'll take it one checkers game at a time. (It's the only thing I'm good at!)

But never fear! I will be back soon, and let you know if we end up not liking each other ;-p (not really very likely). Until then, here are a few pictures from the first few days!
                                       Today we went out to gather the sap buckets.
 Playing music!
 Going for a walk.
 Saving the day.
 Basking in the sun.
 Showing off his baby.
Taking a break after working a bit.
After realizing I didn't have any pictures with all of us together, we all ran outside in the middle of writing this blog post to take this picture. Not bad for a spur of the moment!

Kryzdy  <3


  1. Hi Kryzdy! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your visit ! It looks and sounds as if you have been having a wonderful time. :D Have a great rest of the trip! :D

  2. Lookin' like a fun time!!!

    Kryzdy, I'm not surprised your having a fun time! They are one cool bunch!! :)

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  4. I love the last picture, great lookin group :)

    Looks like your havin a great visit... cant wait to hear more about it. I think its really cool.


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