Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Pre Pants Patching Conversation:

Stephen: "I could jump this fence."

Mary (inside the fence): "Don't try it Steve."

Stephen: "Why not, I could do it--it'd be easy!"

Mary (turning to him with my wise, old, know-it-all, face): "Because, (lifting fingers to count the ways), you would: snag on the fence, bend it down, rip your jeans, and land in the manure."

I turn back to my work and hear Steve still muttering how he could jump it easily.

A moment later, the sound of rapid heavy footfalls reach my ears. I turn just in time to see the boy jump, aaaand: 1. snag on the fence, 2. bend it down, 3. rip his jeans, and 4. land RIGHT in the manure.

I stare at him for a moment with my mature, grown-up, 'told you so,' face while he picks himself up. " I would have done it," says he, "if not for these heavy winter boots on my feet."

Today I am patching pants and rolling my eyes...


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  1. Well at least u have your sis to do the dirty work eh' Steve? Makes it all worth it : P


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