Friday, November 27, 2015


Thank you, wonderful readers, for putting up with all my horn tooting this last week while I bragged about my awesome family. I didn’t really plan that, but the first few posts came organically and I realized I had the right amount of days remaining before thanksgiving, so I went with it. It feels really good to focus on gratitude, and I want to keep it up. So here’s another horn tooting post, (and no, I’m not going to promise this is the last one!), this time on what it’s like to belong to a gaggle like this one.

Clearly, not everything is awesome about it. 
Obviously, you have to bare the whole matchy-matchy embarrassment when you're little.
 But it's been awhile since we've had to deal with that. ;)

The pros!
You have enough members for your own volley ball,,,


...and snowboarding teams.

There's always someone around to go for a ride,
...or a walk,

...or read aloud with.

You bring the party with you wherever you go.

Brothers and friends that try hair-brained ideas for you to laugh at...

 ...And sensible sisters for you to laugh with.

A team to push if you get the van stuck in a snowdrift (no! of course that's never happened to me... okay maybe once ;)).

But most importantly, you have somebody to take a great selfie with! ;) <3

 If you're waiting for some profound statement on why big families are awesome, I don't have one. 

I'm simply expressing gratitude.

...Even though it's no longer Thanksgiving.

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