Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Johnny: A Flaming Ball of Wild Energy

Despite all of our efforts to shape it, Johnny’s humor remains uniquely his own. Neither good nor bad, it's just guaranteed to be random and hit you out of left field with a kind of, “huh? why am I laughing right now?” moment.

I recently went on a trip to town with Johnny and Dad. We had to take out benches to pick up some large items and I ended up stuck in the back of the van with him for the ride home. …I think my ears are still on the floor somewhere under the backseat.

 For all his gabbing, he remains really unique in his opinions and thoughts. I swear, the inner workings of his brain must operate like no other human being alive...
 (Well that didn't work...)

I can't believe he's almost as tall as me already! (almost, Johnny, I said almost. And no, I'm not measuring you again...)

He has a presence that can shine like the sun, or clap like thunder. Working with him a few minutes can either drive you insane or make your week. It’s a strong energy, his is, and as he grows up, I can really see the effort he’s made to rein it in and shape it.

And I’m proud. :)


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