Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Theresa: Why Every Farm Needs One

Looks like winter is officially starting tomorrow. With this last warm day, I spent the morning bringing in half the garden in pots.

As I was doing this, I was feeling a lot of gratitude towards Theresa for the beautiful gardens we've enjoyed this summer. 

The wheel barrels of manure and mulch that were hauled into this space would make your head spin. Stubbornness at its finest!

In her element.

... And proud of the results!

Her passions don't end in the garden, however. 

As sisters, Theresa and I haven't always gotten along fabulously, but it's the same stubbornness we butt heads over that I also admire most about her. If she sets a goal, I have every confidence that it will be met. 

When she decided to sell Frysta this summer, every step of that process was above and beyond, from the finishing training, to the show-off video, to how much friendship she's developed with Frysta's new owners helping them settle in with their new pony. 

 The things that get Theresa the most excited are passions and hobbies every family needs. I'm always so pleased when I see that same enthusiasm being picked up in Donna, from horse back riding, to harvesting, and just all around animal loving.

I'm convinced every farm needs a Theresa. :)


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