Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mike: He Cleans ;)

Look at what my crazy brothers were up to this afternoon...

Andrew got off the snowboard (a cheap one because we wouldn't risk damaging a good one in this wee bit of snow) and said "that board was terrifying". 

So, naturally, Mike hops on next. *eye roll*

And no, I didn't take a turn.  
Too busy freezing fingers off snapping pictures. :)

 So, Mike bottle feeds/raises the calves...
And I think our full grown, sweet, long eyelash-ed, gentle milk cows are completely attributable to his rearing as babes. Yes, even the long eyelashes.

Nobody criticizes as well as Mike. Whether it's band practice and he's telling Lizzy her piano timing is off, or explaining to Johnny that he needs to toughen up, somehow it never sounds as mean coming from him. 
 Sometimes I even listen to him.   ;)

But hands down, the best thing about Mike is that he's a neat freak. Whether it's the barnyard or the back hall or just his room, he'll randomly undertake a big cleaning project and make our lives all that much better for it.

 Hear that girls? Biceps and cleans.

(I'm sorry Mike--don't hate me)


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