Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Donna: She's a Funny Kid

When Donna was younger, she used to get loads of posts where I'd gush about how cute she was. 

Well, it's occurred to me that she still is. 

As she nears her 7th birthday, we're laughing every day over the sense of humor she's developing and marveling over how mature and helpful she's become. 

Yesterday, she helped Mom out by labeling all these jars of salsa. Note how some of them are oddly,  adorably, backwards. (I don't even know how she does that??)
 On Andrew's birthday, she made him this card, depicting the face he makes while drumming--ha!

Theresa's been teaching her how to ride on our gentle Missy.

She loves being one of the 'big girls' taking care of her own horse, even though she has to climb a ladder to reach her. :)

Since the snow the other day, she's SOO excited about Christmas, but not about getting. She wants to do crafts with me for gifting to others. She has all these wild ideas, my head spins trying to keep up with her. Here's a painting she did for Mom last night, with a Christmas tree and snoopy Santa.

This morning, I was laughing at the paper hats she made for her toys. 
She cleared up my confusion right up, by explaining that they're getting married. lol!

 Lately, her normal bow headdress has been updated with an orange hat becuase of hunting season.
You know, safety first!  ;)

 Don't grow up too fast. Love you kiddo. :)

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