Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's A Baby's Life...

I think I may have mentioned it before, but I love the way we live. And even more so, since witnessing the way the environment has treated my youngest sibling through her first two years of life.

Donna was kissed seconds after her appearance into this world and hasn't ever stopped being kissed since.

 Donna was born into a secure loving environment, where there were always arms eager to hold her, tend her needs and make her feel safe and loved. 

  As soon as Donna was big enough, she was looking for ways to display her own little acts of love and affection. Lots of friendly, furry creatures outside provided her opportunities to do so.

Learning to appreciate and enjoy the animal's company, as well as treat them kindly and respectfully did a good deal to form her person from a very young age.

Living on a farm has lots of other perks, she's learned, such as a bite of fresh sun-kissed sweetness every time a big sibling takes her for a stroll in the garden.

She quickly discovered that her baby giggles spread like wildfire in her big family and that discovery led to a very happy baby!

 Despite the hard work that comes with farm living, there's always a bigger hand available to hold her little one.

When discovering new things about her world, there is always someone over her shoulder to explain, guide and protect.

Mealtime couldn't be any fresher, milked out of an udder just that morning, and little other compares in delicious nourishment.

 Donna has a homemade hat for every month of the year, as well as hand stitched coordinated outfits and several pairs of little hand knit, homespun socks to warm her toes!

 Being able to pick out your own afternoon snack is a perk that only comes with farm living!

 Learning about new life and watching babies grow is a gift that our princess absolutely adores!

 Learning where her food comes from, watching her family work to grow it and her pitiful but adorable attempts to help and then harvesting her snack herself, are all priceless gifts that I wish were available to every baby.

 Homemade gifts crafted with great considerateness and laced with much love are joys that I've already seen the fruits of!
Crafty older siblings that she can lean against the knees of and watch creations being born in front of her eyes are everyday occurrences that she may take for granted... unless of course she gets a "yes" to the "ah for Donna?" question.

Learning new things with the help of an older sibling is something she's enjoyed multiple times a day since the day she was born.

Bedtime stories, where each character has their own voice and the little animal sounds are strikingly realistic, are a treat so often bestowed that they are hardly a treat anymore. 

 Visits to the animal pens are way better than any petting zoo!

 She gets a ride whenever she's cute enough... (often!)

My assessment: the baby and the farm livin' jive. Wouldn't you agree?

Since Donna was born and we all noticed the increase of love being passed around in our family, we deeply wished that every baby could have the security and love that our princess has. Since then, it has been our prayer that the amount of love poured on our baby would be multiplied and spread on to every baby that is suffering from any kind of neglect. I wish every baby could have the kind of family and environment that our princess has!

In the course of writing this post, Donna enjoyed a leisurely warm bath, she 'danced' with two of her siblings, snuggled with her sister, was taken outside by an older sibling, tripped down a few steps and had the whole family rush to her aid with Mom comforting away the boo boo with some nursing and snuggling, and as I finish up this post, I see that she is sitting on Annie's lap enjoying the company, conversation and laughter of her siblings.

We love our princess!

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  1. Hi Lund family! I used to follow Mary's blog over at HSB, and I am now so glad to have found ya'll over here! :D
    Donna is getting so big! I rememeber reading the post on when she was born, and how precious that was. She is turning out to be quite the pretty little farm girl. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Spero che anche qui in Italia io posso realizzare questo sogno di avere una fattoria dove vivere con semplicità la vita.

  3. To hear of the way the older "children" treat their baby sister shows that Dad and Mom trained all of this into you all from the start no matter where it all began. *smile* Grow in God daily. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  4. What a wonderful blog~
    I am so glad you stopped by and introduced yourselves!
    So nice to meet you all!


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