Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meet My Sheep!

 Posted by Lizzy Marie.

Danielle is my sheep and, as you can tell, she's the cutest :).     

"Not the only cute one!"
Oh, sorry Buttons. Buttons is Danielle's baby. Isn't she cute?

"So am I!"
Oh Danielle why did you have so many cute kids?
"I didn't want to be the only cute one here."
Hosanna is her latest baby, and we call her Hosanna, because she was born on Palm Sunday last year.

Then Shadow is Michael's. I think he likes her because they resemble each other or something :).

 And, of course, she had to carry on her line... Pocket (Shadow's baby) is just as old as Buttons.

Max, my dog, likes to hang around the sheep and show Danielle that her kids and her aren't the only cute animals on the farm :).  

I want to show you a pic of some butter I made. This is it: 

Have a wonderful day, to all who read this post.

[Publisher's Note: Yes, all our sheep are black! :-P For now anyway. We'll make sure we get some color in our next ram! As for these girls, they all have a date with the local sheep-salon lady (me!) this coming week. Should be some pretty cute hair styles turning out! :) Oh, and thumbs up for Lizzy on her own photography and writing on this one. And finally, Happy Birthday to Annie today!!] 

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  1. Hey.....pass the butter. That looks great. You guys have lots more sheep than we thought. It was nice to meet them all. Good job Lizzy !


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