Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kung Fu Sheep

In the course of our sheep shearing this past week, I've come to a grievous realization... Somehow, our sheep have been secretly undertaking Kung Fu lessons...

This is serious, and this is bad--oh very bad indeed! I can only imagine what their instructor must be, sneaking into their pen after dark, his black belt dragging behind him. I can imagine he's a ruthless brute, judging by the moves the sheep have been learning from him. Whatever he's been teaching them, I'd say his wooly students are all doing quite well in their studies! Wish I could learn a couple things from him--purely for self defense, mind you!

A couple mornings ago, Michael and I were trying to catch a certain sheep in an attempt to strip her of her wooly jacket to use for our own evil devises. She, catching on to this dastardly ploy of ours, was doing quite well keeping us away from her prized coat. Finally, after many unsuccessful attempts, several spills in the manure and lots of minutes passed, Michael finally got her pinned down on the tarp, which had been situated in the center of their pen to aid us in carrying out our devious deed. I came up behind Michael and caught her around her wooly neck to draw her back up on her butt, as the instructions had said. Unfortunately, my instructions never mentioned anything about Kung Fu sheep... The move that this pinned-down sheep used was positively fantastic! I don't know how she did it, or even what she did, but I'm sure her instructor was quite proud! The next thing I knew, Mike and I were thrown down chest first, side by side and groping for air, into the manure. Micheal's once immobilizing hold suddenly changed into a one legged grip which was quickly relinquished after she placed a spin, flip and kick blow directly into his nose. Ah yes, I'm sure her instructor was beaming over that one as well...

Please, If anyone has any phone numbers for sheep shearers that double as Kung Fu artists, let me know...



  1. Oh wow! What a cute story! Sounds like ya'll had an interesting day. :D

    Have a wonderful day! :)

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