Friday, December 11, 2015

Loving My Job

This time of year is always a little crazy in the shops, but it's a good kind of crazy that makes me really appreciate my job and my lifestyle. 

New products are always being generated through fabulous custom requests!

 (Swords have been craaaazy this year!)

(Custom name option on our Emma Swan daggers has been a popular.)

 I love Christmas, I love making toys, and I especially love making ponies.

This is my one of my favorite parts...

 A couple simple stitches and you suddenly have a really cute face 
(the pony's, not the kid's).

I love getting cozy with my knitting while it's snowing and thinking of the kiddo's who are going to unwrap a toy I made at Christmas. It's both relaxing and exciting and so much better than most jobs this time of year. I know I'm incredibly lucky!

Feedback is possibly the best part:

 I love custom orders too. 
Stitching me some red underwears...

I love how crafty talented our family is. We almost never turn down custom requests because someone in the family is capable of producing the kind of piece needed. Makes me proud. :)

Custom sign request. A picture was sent for the background and Lizzy free hand painted it.

This is what Dad's shipping table looks like in the morning:

And this is what Dad--the shipper--looks like! (note shadow on the wall).
Donna made this crown and necklace for Dad on his birthday from packaging peanuts. 
We crowned him our packaging princess. :)
 And this is what Donna looks like. At almost 7, her fashion style is quite good--intense--but good.

 After Dad's tidy wrapping, the elves then run the packages out to the mail in every kind of weather. 

Where they await our mail lady in Andrew's big dry mail box.

From there, we hope the mailmen get your sword or pony to you on time, eagerly watching our feedback to see what you think of your homemade gift.

Because you know, nothing quite tops the excitement of receiving handmade...

(Picture from last year. We actually don't have our tree yet.)

Feeling thankful, proud and Christmasy...

This is the chief elf, signing off to go cast on stitches for a custom pony!


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