Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dreaming of a White Christmas...

So, we had a classic, beautiful snowfall at the beginning of Dec. and I got all excited and put out a few Christmas decorations...

Biggest flakes ever. Catching one was a mouthful!

And everything was sooo purdy...

And then it all melted away and now my decorations are just sitting there like...

 ...And I'm feeling entirely unmotivated to get our tree and decorate further.

We've been working in the gardens and playing football in Tshirts. I put my houseplants out on the porch for some sun because it was over 50 degrees outside--on Dec 9th!

Last year, I whined on and on about all the snow and now we have none.

We're amusing ourselves with cards and silly hats as we wait.

And massive family monopoly games.

Ever wonder how long 12 person monopoly takes? Only 1.5 hours.
(Donna won, in case you were wondering... )

Actually, there's lots of stuff to keep us busy.
It's good horseback riding weather (not that the girl's need good weather, this animal is ridden every day regardless of the weather).

And Theresa got all her horses trimmed in one day, with help from this little farm girl.

The snowboarding hill is still closed, but the ice rink is open, so that's where we spend our weekend evenings.

Also, after my birthday, I discovered that Lizzy bakes an 'out-of-this-world' chocolate cake (especially otherworldly together with our Christmas coffee blend). So Dad requested it for his birthday too. 

No snow, but we do have chocolate cake. 
I'll survive. :)

But we'd better have a white Christmas. I don't live in the U.P. for nothing!

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