Friday, September 30, 2011

Farming Friends...

Hey All,

I just want to quick share an inspiring 3 minutes with you all...
The Callens Family are long time cyber and phone friends of ours, and, even though we've only ever met the father and two oldest daughters, we feel that old fashioned 'farm-family' bond with them. :o)

I was emotional after watching this video (hey, I am a girl--give me a break! ;o) but I just felt such a strong joy for the bond and closeness that the farming lifestyle ensues into the family and such a gratitude for my amazing family and just, really, an awe over how awesome life is... and perhaps I was feeling just a touch sad that these amazing folks aren't our neighbors! ;-)

I strongly encourage you to check out their blog: for some farming inspiration. (I have their blog listed under 'simple places to visit' on my sidebar, so you can easily see whenever they've updated.)

Big, beautiful fall storm yesterday! Power went out twice, but my knitting, the strum of the acoustic guitar and the laughter of the lantern-lit faces surrounding the monopoly board were all very relaxing against the ferocity of the weather outside. Apples and leaves on the ground everywhere this morning!

A very blessed day to you friends! :)


  1. Wow! This was very inspiring!! Mom loved it to!

  2. What a lovely video clip and beautiful family. I had tears in my eyes too by the time it had finished...

    Off to check out their blog now.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful family :)

  3. Oh great! Another lovely blog to peruse :) Thanks for posting the link.

  4. What a great way to make Tuesdays more exciting! I'm looking forward to reading about more recipes (I love to cook). I check at this blog often because I enjoy all of your stories. Thank you!


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