Monday, September 12, 2011

MISSING: One Kitchen Table

It's that time of year again, where our kitchen table goes missing for awhile, and in it's place is a colorful arangment of harvest goodness! This is pretty much undisturbed how it looked from the other morning:

You see here, a fresh jar of Kimchi that Annie just made. A zucchini being used in the mornings scrambled eggs. Tomatoes (minus the 2 baskets of cherry tomatoes that Mom was washing and the two pails that the boys brought in later that afternoon). Apples, in the bowl, basket and five gallon bucket. Two pails of green beans that Theresa had just harvested. Two buckets and a bowl of blackberries that the kids picked the day before but we ran out of room in the freezer (and we haven't even gotten our meat for the year yet! Getting a new freezer today...). A basket of corn. Three gallons of apple juice and one of choke cherry wine. One bucket of overgrown cukes that were discarded from the pickling process. Three loaves of sourdough bread. Two pans of apple pie. And lastly, TONS of jars of canned applesauce (not including the numerous jars sent out to the cold room and root cellar already). Have I mentioned we've been eating LOTS of apples?? :-)

Oh. My. Yummyness. 

Not to brag, but we have been eating SO good lately!! :o)


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