Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Launching Tasty Tuesdays: Peanut Butter!

Here goes the first all-natural recipe vid, the first of weekly Tasty Tuesdays! (You can thank goofy, non-serious, tongue-in-cheek siblings for that fabulously clever name! :) So here begins the first of (hopefully) many super easy, super yummy recipes used on a regular basis in our homestead kitchen to keep the kids on this homestead healthy and happy ;). --Keep in mind, we're no good at doing anything seriously, especially when trying to talk sense to a camera being held by a snickering bro :oP...

So, this week I'll share my secrets to making, as Dad calls it, "Better-than-Skippy's Peanut Butter":

To clarify.. Steve filmed the part where I added 3 T. of sunflower oil (after the honey), but he realized during editing that the camera must have been off 'cause he didn't have that helpful bit of info, hence the subtitles. Also, all credit for anything goofy goes to Steve, who filmed and edited, which makes the weird music and time lapse thing (didn't really take 15 mins.. 10 at most) perfectly understandable. Anyways, here's a rundown on the recipe:

4 cups lightly roasted, unsalted peanuts
2 tsp. salt (we use RealSalt, which is an all-natural sea salt that hasn't been stripped of all its trace minerals.. read more about RealSalt here:
1 T. raw honey
3 T. sunflower oil (unrefined Sesame oil is great, too, or oil of preference)

Simple, hey? And, in fact, I'm off to make more awesome peanut butter before the kids get on me about letting the peanut butter jar go empty, especially with fresh sourdough bread on the table.. that's a big offense! :)

Enjoy this wonderful Wednesday ;)!

--As a side note, future Tasty Tuesdays (don't let the name get to you) will try to be released on actual Tuesdays.. we didn't get this vid uploaded in time to post yesterday :)! Also, as a sneak peek into next week's... it's going to be a raw treat that features the peanut butter from this week, and it's also Mary's personal favorite—so be sure to get your peanut butter made before then so you're ready to try it ;)!


  1. I would love to try this. Do you roast the peanuts yourself or do you buy them?

  2. Oh my word, this sounds divine! I'm going to save it for future use, my kiddies are a bit too young for PB.

  3. Donna, Made the movie!! lol

  4. @ erins: We buy our peanuts lightly roasted from I guess we figure it's easier to buy them roasted than to buy them raw and roast them yourself, although, if that's what you have on hand I might give it a try. We've tried making peanut butter with raw soaked and dehydrated peanuts during our 100% raw period, but in all honesty this is way better.. without roasting you don't get the nutty, rich flavor peanut butter is meant to have :).

  5. Should this be stored in the fridge? I'm heading out to buy some peanuts. Fresh peanut butter sounds better then the store bought and looks easy to make too.
    thank you


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