Saturday, October 15, 2011

And Just Like That..

 So, we were going along on our happy way, plugging away at the fall chores, while taking the time to enjoy the beautiful fall weather in the form of lots of long walks and volley ball games... and just like that; BAM!


And this...

Went to this.... 

And this... just two (exceptionally windy) days!

In some ways, I feel as though fall has skipped over and passed us by, but if I take the time to think about it, it was all there; the leaf piles and the loaded down apple trees, the pumpkin pies and the abundant garden harvest. The glorious skies and beautiful colors. It just all happened like that!

In a lot of ways, the seasons feel like an abbreviated version of life to me...

The girls and I have been taking all these really long, wonderful walks and (of course) doing a lot of talking (and some knitting!) as we go. Some of it is pleasant chit chat about the days happenings, some is funny reminiscing about the past, but often times it's about our futures, and, well, you know, girly kinds of stuff, like getting married and having babies. :) As we walk, we daydream about the properties we pass by; choosing ones we might like to someday own, and how far to live from Mom and Dad (one mile or two?), and the kinds of animals and crops we might like to someday raise... We've playfully fantasized that Theresa's farm will host the team of horses to plough our fields, while I would love to raise a herd of sheep and supply the others with fleeces, and how maybe Michael is tough enough to raise the bulls for breeding our cows back in the spring! ;) Of course, many of these enterprises and natural interests of ours have the potential to be someday developed into small family businesses off the farm. I'd love to have a greenhouse business and grow fresh flowers for weddings and funerals. Some of the boys have talked about going into rustic furniture crafting, etc. We talk and laugh as we try to envision the personalities of our children and imagine them all being best of friends with each other. We get sappy and starry eyed, talking about sharing life's joys and trials with each other. I think we all feel so right and good in our current lifestyle, and realize that we have such a loving close family, that we pretty much view our futures as expanding our presents. Growing into a bigger extended family and a community of family farms and pretty much; creating a small paradise on earth!

So, on the one hand, I feel convicted and ready for whatever the future holds, and at the same time, I feel like I'm bracing myself for the speed in which I know, like the seasons, it can all happen...

...just like that.



  1. wow! we are still waiting for the trees to change!

    mountain mama

  2. I have to say this is one of the best posts I have ever read (from any blog). The photo's are just spectacular, and the sentiment in your words is so well expressed, your post has really "spoken to me" thanks for writing it. Where I live in Australia, we don't have such distinct seasons, the autumn (fall) photos just looked so beautiful. I am so glad you appreciate your lives and surroundings. :)

  3. @Busymum,

    Wow, thank you for sharing that! I'm very flattered. :)


  4. great fall pics! i like reading your blog by the way, it's peaceful (don't really know if it's the right word, but i hope you see what i mean...). you are kind of lucky to already know what you want from the future! but well, i guess i like adventure, so i don't mind not knowing ^^ see you soon!

  5. This is such a beautiful post. I share your feelings of hopefulness for the future and how daily life can pass us by, just like that. We are going to start looking for property in Ontonagon county hopefully next year, and I daily dream about what our life is going to be like there. We love the UP very much. How wonderful that you and your siblings get along so well and how you share your hopes of a future together.

  6. Wow!!! Awesome post Mary ;) Although I can't see mike raising bulls :P Maybe chickens though :P


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