Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A few sad faces:(

Hey everyone! On this chilly winter morn, I'd like to take you on a walk around the farm. 

Showing off all the sad furry faces that are missing our sisters:(.

All right, we'll ask Perla (our youngest), if she misses the girls.

So Perla, do you miss the girls?

"Sniff.... yessss"

awww poor Perla... Ok, how abou...

"Ask me! ask me!!"

"umm.. ok Tryggur, do you miss the girls?"

"Ummm.. sniff.... well now dat you mention it... yea:(

"Whhaaaaa!! I miss da girls tooooo!!!:("

"Hey Miss!! do you miss the girls?"

" Ummm.. they left?? I didn't now dey left.. I must have been eating..."

"Dat's cuz you never do any fing but eat!!"

So what about the cows.. cows, do you miss the girls?

"Oh!! i'll answer dat! i'll answer dat!!"

Ok Baby, go ahead, do you miss the girls?


"No... not really"

"Hey dat was fun! now ask me another question!"

umm ok, how do you lik....

"No. not really"

 ..... Okay thanks Baby....

Hmmm, ok at least he's honest, but the rest of us miss you girls!

Well, that's all for now, we have many a job waiting for us out in the shop, so guess we can't sit around missing the girls anymore;).


  1. hahhaaaa, that was cute!

  2. Sweet furry friends! Love em all!

  3. Stephen!! I was laughing and teary eyed. Gosh I feel so missed. We're really seeing a new side of you eh? We should leave more often. I kinda like it! ;)

    Miss you too. I can't believe the snow! I gotta show this to those folks here who were so enamored with the dusting they had here yesterday (gone now).

    Thanks for updating Steve. I really loved seeing the pictures from home.


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