Sunday, December 4, 2011

Farwell for now

 Hello Dear Readers!

 Just a quick note to say good bye as my sisters and I prepare to take a little trip. Some of you long time readers may remember our visit from Julia. Well, after a months stay she became like one of us girls, so when we heard the news that she was engaged (!!!) we immediately started brainstorming for a way to attend her glorious day! We're so happy that a way opened for us to, and very excited. The traveling and being away from home will be a different experience for us farm-chick homebodies, but we're viewing it all as a grand adventure! I'm hoping at least one of my siblings staying home will update for you, but if not, I'll get back to you with some pictures from our adventure next week. Prayers for safe travels are appreciated!

We'll be back soon! :)


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