Saturday, December 31, 2011

Acting Ingeniousness

Why is it that, when doing these photo shoots with the kids to show off our replica Lord of the Ring's toy weaponry for our shop, I'm always struck with the kind of acting ingeniousness that share this household with me! LOL

They strike their poses without any direction, and the camera shoots. Then I'm left to edit the pictures and scratch my head, wondering what kinds of scenes those creative imaginations had running behind those facial expressions!
It's not too difficult for me to guess... I've walked around plenty of corners to see imaginary swash buckles going on with invisible opponents. I've seen chickens leap out of the way as Johnny charged through their gathering chasing down imaginary enemies lots of times. I often hear muttered, "here they come!" and "there's too many of them, quick, hide!" as the hero dashes behind a nearby tree.

It was their love of the Lord of the Rings movies that had Michael making these LOTR replica's for them to play with. His attention to detail eventually had friends requesting them and finally I asked if he would make one, Johnny's favorite, for the shop. Needless to say, the rest is quickly becoming history! Mike's Lord of the Rings toy weapons are gaining a lot of popularity for their uniqueness. He has several more designs that he's working on perfecting to go on the shop. Any suggestions for him, please share! It's a craft he really enjoys and takes a lot of pride in... he doesn't ship out anything that he can't first wave under our noses as his "best sword yet". :-)

Just today, I was recalling this video that the kids made as a fan film of Lord of the Rings... Ironic, I know, that a bunch of natural born actors, LOTR weapon craftsmen and big LOTR fans, should make a LOTR fan film, but they did! ;-)
If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth the watch! 
Go HERE, click on "Movies" on the sidebar and then "Misc". It's the 2nd movie down.

While we're on the topic of movies and natural actors... I have some very exciting news to share!!

Lund Family Productions just won their first ever commercial competition!! We filmed a segment about living more green for a company. Our constraints were 45 seconds of time allowed, as many green ideas as possible in that time and humor or something people wouldn't quickly forget. We also found out about it just 2 days before the submission deadline. I am still in shock that, out of 60+ competitors, we won FIRST! A staggering grand prize of $5,000!! 


See the prize winning commercial HERE.

Bottom line:
I guess these ingenious little actors and actress siblings of mine are starting to have their efforts pay off! ;)


What should we film next??

Happy New Years Eve! Stay up and do something ridiculously silly (but safe!) for me tonight! :) Because I am going to be sleeping! Ha Ha!! :D


  1. OH YEAH!!!!! I knew you had a winner there! course, I thought all of your commercials would be winners.
    SOOOO Proud of all you guys -- excellent job!!!!
    cool swords too!

    ya gen

  2. AWESOME!!! Good for you! and a huge Congratulations!!

    from the chilns

  3. Aahhh I love your blog ;) So full of sweetness and love for family and fun!

    My hubby loves LOTR, I'll have to check out your store... three boys under 5 and another boy sue soon, they love swords and the like ;)

    Thanks for creating this space for us!

    Samantha (Woodlans Woolens)

  4. Congratulations from the land of LOTR, cheers Marie

  5. oh wow, that is SO awesome!!! of course, you guys do deserve it. you are amazing! :)

  6. Becky and Katie TappJanuary 12, 2012 at 6:18 PM

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!!


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