Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along - A Pony in Progress

Joining with Ginny @Small Things to share what I've been knitting and reading lately:

Since I've sold two of them this week, I'm working on another pony for my Toy Barn. This one is going to be a vanilla buckskin with a light brown mane, tail and the buckskin stripe down her back. And, at the urging of my younger siblings, I've been contemplating making a filly to accompany this Momma mare... What do you think? :) 

Johnny and I are still reading through Prince Caspian. We have a deal going where I will read to him in the evenings if he reads an easy reader aloud to me while I'm washing the lunch dishes. He's getting good enough to read Prince Caspian to himself! (Though, C.S. Lewis can write quiet a mouthful at times). Besides, I'm going to miss our evening dates in a lazy boy together!

Snow on the ground when we woke up this morning. Didn't take long to get the kids out of bed for that! Nor for snowballs to be flying and red hands to be coming in and latching on to Mom. :) Donna said she had to take her mittens off because otherwise she couldn't pick up the snow! :)

Oh, and another tasteless Tuesday went by... have I made any enemies over that or are we all good? ;)


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