Friday, November 11, 2011

Deep Sigh

I paused, chest heaving from my recent sprint up the side of the ravine, to lean against a small maple tree and catch my breath. Out of the corner of my eye, a bright light caught my attention. I turned to see what it was and found my eyes sinking deeply into the beauty of a low dipping golden harvest sun. Its brilliant fingers of light were filtering through some deep purple clouds in an effort to secure the final light of the day. Silhouetted in the golden light was our little handmade home; a sight that, left on its own, fills me with warmth and happiness. I couldn't help the rush of air that caught in my chest; the sight was breathtaking. The light was on in the family room where I knew my Mom and youngest siblings were hanging out. I just felt so grateful to sort of 'belong,' to the whole scene.

I wanted to stay and watch until the sun disappeared, but further on down the pasture through the naked trees, I could see my younger sister waiting for me, already perched on her mount. I hiked on briskly, whistling shrilly in to the chilly air after I'd caught my breath. A few moments later, I could hear the tromping of hooves through the forest floor. A few more steps brought me into sight of our little herd; their heads raised and ears perked in surprise to see me, a human, deep in the heart of their rural stomping grounds.

Within minuets I'd joined my little sister with a gentle little mount of my own and we rode off down the road, the setting sun warm on our backs and a surge of gratitude warm in my chest.

(Today is 11/11/11 and big bro Andrew's 22nd birthday! Ironic, eh?)

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  1. Mary, that was a beautiful post. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a bush fire, as is the norm down under, so it was nice to know that it was a sunset. You have a way with words and how wonderful to hear that you are "grateful" for what you have and where you are.

    Gillian (Chiria-DTE)


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