Friday, November 4, 2011

Angora Bunny Shearing Day

Theresa has been shearing her angora bunnies lately... these are from this morning when she sheared Bingo:
She uses a hair cutting scissors and lots of patience and TLC. Her bunnies are gentle, trusting little fellows who sit there and clean themselves while they wait for her to finish. The fiber is divided into two bags; one with the long clean staple length locks for carding and spinning and the other with snippets, breast, belly and butt hair for stuffing.

Donna loves to watch. She says, "Momma's gonna make da bunny hair on her spinnin' wheel, for, to make, a pwesent for me, on my birfday!"

All done!

This video a work of the boy's from Theresa's 2008 Angora Bunny Shearing. Some of you long time blog readers may remember it. It was Donna's absolute favorite movie ever for the longest time!



  1. these little bunnies are so cute :)

  2. This is so adorable, I know of someone else who used to keep bunnies, I like the shearing idea much better than them farming them to put them in a pot..
    Love love love the video, Veggie Tales are awesome.

  3. I member dat movie ;) better watch out though they would freeze if they were in Wisconsin :D


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