Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Laughed Today Because...

I live in a funny family. And I have proof.

Coincidentally enough, I'm the member of the family that was nicknamed 'Giggles.' (Also known as mild-mannered Annie ;o).) I love to laugh. But that's to be expected, being that I'm not gifted with as quick a tongue or as funny a mind as some of my talented siblings. So God made me to appreciate their wittiness. It's my job to laugh at all the jokes, funny or lame. And I'm good at it. After all, what's a joke if there's no one to laugh at it?

I decided a while back to start writing down the funny things that happened or the wise-crack remarks that fly so easily from my brothers' tongues and keep a smile on my face. These are the incidents that keep life interesting and fun. These are what I look forward to every day, and I'm rarely disappointed. I've gone through the scribbled on pages of this special book and collected a months' worth of funnies that I still remember with a grin or a chuckle. Allow me to introduce you to: Dad, the pro-funny; Stephen, the quick n' dry-funny; Mike, who doubles as Steve's sidekick

(they're a perfect Abbot and Costello!) and being a spur-of-the-moment-funny; Mary, the random-funny; and Andrew, the refined, sophisticated-funny. And, of course, the rest of us are fairly-funnies ;o). The following are taken from the book 'I Laughed Today Because...' and are dated anywhere from June 2010 to Feb. 2011. Take a peek into the every-day funnies we so frequently enjoy!! (Consider yourself lucky—it took us around 9 months to collect all these laughs!)

6-12...I Laughed Today Because...while playing Michael in badminton, he says, "This is how you tell which way the wind is blowing," and he throws the birdie up in the air. After a moment, he looks at me and says, "Down!"

7-23...I Laughed Today Because...while we were plastering cement on the barn shed, Andrew, who was spraying the walls to moisten them, says, "Hey Steve, want me to spray you? Maybe you'll grow," and Steve says, "Nah, I'm tall enough." After a moment of hesitation, Steve adds, "Why don't you spray Mike?"

8-2...I Laughed Today Because...we drove past Steve (who chose to bike to the lake), and I, always the compassionate one, said, "Aw, why don't we stick a swimming noodle out the back window and have him hold on?"

8-9...I Laughed Today Because...Mom said, "I can't believe the size of the cucumber Steve ate earlier!" to which Mary and I corrected, "He didn't eat the whole thing; he gave part of it to us," and Mom says, "Oh. Probably because I told him it was the size of his colon."

8-9...I Laughed Today Because...Theresa and I were talking about fish and how long their pregnancies are, and Theresa said, "They're not really pregnancies.... more like 'egg'-nancies!"

8-16...I Laughed Today Because...when we were picking berries, Theresa hears something in the woods and says, "Hey, come out of there; you're scaring Michael!" and Mike says, "Uh, I think I'd be more scared if it came out."

8-19...I Laughed Today Because...Mike says, "Donnie, when I say 'bang', you say 'ow', ok? Ready—bang!!" and Donnie just stares, and then (from upstairs) Dad says, "Ow." Mike frowns and says, "Hm, I missed."

8-20...I Laughed Today Because...we were out berry picking and singing our lungs out, and Stephen dryly says, "Guys, stop, my plastic bucket is cracking."

8-30...I Laughed Today Because...Johnny hurled his apple core into the woods and says, "Hm, imprecious!" (Translated - 'impressive')

8-31...I Laughed Today Because...when we were berry picking, Mike says, "You know, I'm related to all these mosquitoes because most of them have my blood in 'em!"

9-6...I Laughed Today Because...we were on a bike-ride along with Theresa and Stephen on horses, and at one point Missy (Steve's mount) stopped to poop, and Steve says, "There, she'll go faster now!"

9-8...I Laughed Today Because...we were talking about how opposites attract, and Mike says, "Uh oh, that means my girl will be really ugly!"

9-17...I Laughed Today Because...I asked Mike for his screwdriver, and he says, "Oh, you'd probably use the wrong end of it," and I said, "Ok, Mike, you might've beaten me in chess, but I'm really not dull," and he looks at me a second, then says, "Uh, we played checkers."

10-13...I Laughed Today Because...Dad was talking about the difference of being an old parent versus a young one, and he said, "Back then, it was 'Stop crying!', and now it's 'Please, PLEASE stop crying!"

10-16...I Laughed Today Because...I was playing cards with Theresa, and she was losing so she said, "What, do you think your intelligence exceels mine??" (def. -the result of indecision between excel and exceeds ;o)

10-18...I Laughed Today Because...while we were out cobbing, Mike, who was stomping the cob, was singing (at the top of his lungs), "Yes, Jesus loves me! Yeeees, Je-sus loves me!!" and Andrew mutters, "He must be feeling insecure again."

(A particular favorite of mine) 10-20...I Laughed Today Because...the boys accidentally locked themselves in their room (because the lock is broken), and Stephen sighs and says, "Well, Mike, I guess we start tying sheets!"

10-30...I Laughed Today Because...Mike said, "I'm gonna be 14 soon? Wow! I gotta shave!!"

11-4...I Laughed Today Because...when we were going through the winter stuff, Mike put on Stephen's red coat and Spider-Man hat, and Steve looked up from his school and said, "Hey, what happened to the good-looking Steve?"

11-9...I Laughed Today Because...Michael said to Steve, "What do you call a half a fish?" and Stephen easily replies, "A dead one."

11-30...I Laughed Today Because...Dad said, "Oh, this is why I've had a spring in my step. I've got a rubber-band in my shoe."

12-14...I Laughed Today Because...when we were piecing together our Christmas medley, I mentioned to Dad that Mike's 'Oh Christmas Tree' had a lot of mic noise that we couldn't do anything about, and Andrew chimed in, "Yeah, we worked and worked with him and it's as good as it's gonna get!"

12-19...I Laughed Today Because...Donnie licked her hands and wiped them all over her face, and Theresa, aghast, says, "Donna! What are you doing?!" and she innocently says, "Baff!"

12-30...I Laughed Today Because...Johnny and Michael were playing 'Guess Who?' (a game where both pick a face and then ask 'yes' or 'no' questions  to identify the other's person), and Johnny says, "Is your guy clean-fashen?" and Mike lifts an eyebrow and says, "Clean-fashen, huh?" and Johnny shrugs and says, "Clean-face. Clean-facial. You know, no hair on his face??"

1-11...I Laughed Today Because...I was playing chess with Theresa and I trapped her rook with my bishop, so I said, "Here's my bishop, comin' to give the Last Rites!"

1-14 I Laughed Today Because...Mary told Johnny to finish his school, then clean up his room, then card some wool with Theresa after he got back in from playing outside, and he says, "Mary, what are we, your slavents?" Later that day, Mike said, "Agh, my foot's asleep!" and Dad says, "Dontcha hate that? Now it'll be up all night."

1-23...I Laughed Today Because...when we were on our walk and Theresa said, "You know, you should really make a snow angel by falling forward. You'd capture the expression better that way."

1-26...I Laughed Today Because...Theresa was asking about giving Donnie a bath in the sink, and she said, "I think she's too heavy for the sink," and Andrew said, "Well then stick her in a stock pot," and Mar said, "Yeah, that way you can flip the flame on if the water gets cold. And stir consistently so she doesn't get stuck to the bottom."

1-27...I Laughed Today Because...we were coming home in the truck and Mike asked why there was a remote control on the dashboard, and Dad said, "That's so I can drive from the pickup-bed if I need to."

1-31...I Laughed Today Because...Michael said (while playing chess with Lizzy), "Lack of eating always makes me hungry." After a pause and then a round of laughter, he said, "Stupid! I mean stupid. Lack of eating makes me stupid."     ...draw your own conclusions on that one ;o)

2-11...I Laughed Today Because...Donnie played Andrew in chess and said, "I von!" and Andrew says, "Aw, shoot," and Donnie giggles and says, "I sheated."

Which was your favorite? Be sure to comment and give your opinion as to the funniest funny ;o)!!

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