Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Answer...

The answer to yesterdays rather annoying tease is/was/or whatever.....

me. :)

Donna and I were coloring one night and I started kicking off my spring flower thirst (after of course, first drawing Donna's requested self portrait and 'Molly' or 'puppy', of which I discovered I am vastly incapable of depicting) and before I knew it, I'd covered the whole page with every kind of flower I could think of. Donna was proud of my job and wanted it on the fridge with hers.

I was surprised later, when scrolling through the boys' photo bin that Stephen had, not only photographed it but had named it, "Lizzy's Drawing." That made me laugh. For the record folks, Lizzy draws MUCH better than that! I'll have to show off some of the girls artwork on here and prove it to you.

Anyways, thanks for all the guesses guys! I liked the one that privately guessed, "If it is a trick Q. then An"drew". Hmm, that would have been funny and uncharacteristically clever of me! Haha.

Well it's a beautiful warm sunny day outside so I've gotta go soak me up some rays. :)

Thanks for humoring me with all your great replies yesterday!

Love you guys,

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