Friday, February 11, 2011

Frosty Night turns into a Frosty Morn...

Negative ten reads the shivering little outdoor thermometer clinging to the porch post for warmth. Across the yard and buried in the tree line, the rising sun is engaging in a vicious war with the frozen breath of winter for the reading thermometer. Around the barnyard, curious little animals lift their heads and turn their sleepy eyes on the battle raging in the East, before turning back and snuggling deeper into their bedding for just a few more minutes of shuteye.

Inside the house, the inhabitants are slow to stir, as one misplaced toe could result in a chilling shock. The covers are warm, the bed is soft, the body is relaxed—I mean, why disturb a good thing? Such was the reasoning when Daddy's sudden, resonating, deep: "Get Up!" shook the rafters. A leisurely stretch above the blankets immediately sends one scampering back deeply into the warmth of their bedding for a few more blissful seconds of the wonderful warmth. 

Throwing off the covers and leaping bravely out into the cold air, sleep-filled eyes squint into the morning sun filling the window. Despite the rays, the outside world looks no warmer for the wear. The frosty stillness is accented by sparkling snow reflecting back the sun's efforts. Even the trees are sparkling with frosted diamonds; their branches clattering stiffly like chattering teeth in the cold. Steam rises in puffs from the snouts of the barnyard animals, as they munch their breakfasts and enjoy the sun's attempts to rid the frost that had gathered on their backs during the night.

After pulling on thermals, sweaters and wool socks, everyone heads for the warm rocket stove bench to soak in a little warmth before heading out into the frozen tundra. By the time breakfast had been swallowed, the thermometer cheered on the sun's efforts by sporting a big "0" reading. It's mornings like these, as I watch my brothers bundle until eyes are all that's left exposed, that I'm glad for my morning indoor chore routine.

As the warm milk hisses into a pail, with any misplaced shots immediately freezing to the sides of the bucket, the boys encourage the cows with the upcoming week's forecast: sun wins!

...Or so they say.


  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to introduce myself and to tell you that your blog is so delightful to read. My name is Emily and I live in Minnesota on a farm. I am 19 years old and about a year ago I happened upon your blog when I was looking up information on homesteading. I am a college student and I am studying Catholic Studies. Someday I would love to live on a homestead and reading about your experiences is simply wonderful. You have such a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

    May God Bless you all!

    (I can relate to the cold winter has been a very cold winter here too!)

  2. Hello Emily! Glad you stumbled upon us! Where in Minnesota do you live? Do you do anything with your farm? I agree--I couldn't chose any other livelihood after basking in the contentment that this one (homesteading) offers the soul. It's so awesome to work alongside your loved ones toward a common goal... Thanks for the sweet howdy-do! Hope to see you 'round more now! :) Mary

  3. I just have to say I love the "Get up!" greeting your dad uses in the morning. Is that before or after his coffee? Oh by the way, I have found a way to make those really cold mornings a little less harsh, and alot easier to get out of bed........just go to bed with the clothes on that you intend to wear the next morning.( so long as they are tooo muddy or dirty that is) Works like a charm, since the clothes you need to wear for the day are all ready nice and toasty.


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