Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Donna LOVES...

...her new pony pants!

She came running, sleepy-eyed and stumble-y as she'd just been roused from her afternoon nap, into the bedroom when she overheard the girls exclaiming over my embroidery job on her new pants. "For Donna? For Donna?" she asked, running her little baby fingers over the pony. The usual response to this rather routine chatter of hers is a sympathetic, "no... not Donna's," so you can imagine the glow in her eyes when I was able to smile and respond, "yup! These are for Donna!" She tilted a huge adorable baby smile up at me for several blissful seconds that made the hour or two of work and bit of blood on my finger well worth it. After spending the morning sewing patches on the never ending pile of boys pants, it was fun to sew something sweet and girl-y for a change. I'm so glad for younger sisters! I don't think the boys would appreciate flowers sewn all over their jeans. ;) Besides, Donna's innocent baby appreciation and new found adoration for her big sister can't be beat!

The backside: ;)
(Sorry this picture is a bit blurry--you have to move fast when an opportunity presents itself!)


  1. Too cute !! Nice little socks too !

  2. Thank you Anonymous. Yes, those are her homespun, hand knit socks. Our little princess is clothed with lots of love!

    Please come out of the closet and share your identity with the crowd! :)



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