Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Thankful For...

I'm thankful for:

1. The day Daddy asked Mommy to marry him.

2. The new life kicking inside Mom's womb!!

3. The fuzzy coats on our Icelandic ponies.

4. The firewood, shakes on the gable ends, roof on the cabin, grain and hay being put up and all the fall projects that came to completion after all.

5. Green things outside! I miss them already.

6. The way my parents have chosen to live.

7. Music and the way I feel when a good song comes on.

8. The way we can play and interact with each other regardless of size and age.

9. Dad's sense of humor.

10. The way Mom breaks out in song for no reason at all.

11. The way Andrew talks to Johnny when he wants him to pull off just the right move for Indiana John.

12. My love of crafting.

13. Annie's knack for baking treats.

14. Stephen's ability to send us into giddy moods on any occasion.

15. Theresa's friendship when we work toward common goals together.

16. Michael's random hugs and declarations of 'world's greatest sister' for simply existing.

17. Lizzy's smile when she's embarrassed.

18. Johnny's adoration when I help him create something.

19. The great excitement I feel over the prospect of a new sibling!!

21. This home that I still can't believe we built.

22. The ability to wash laundry by hand. Such a relaxing domestic chore, that one is.

23. Earth, dirt, and all those tiny little interesting things you can see when you get right up next to the world's floor.

24. The way a sunflower can change the look of the garden.

25. The beaver that lives in our Crabapple Creek and the Great Blue Heron that lives in our Cranberry Creek in the spring.

26. The stars and the 4-5 cats that will climb up on your lap and purr while you're star gazing.

27. The way Stephen starts whistling when he's pleased with himself.

28. My small amount of ability to play the banjo. It's a blast.

29. The way a baby's nose scrunches up when they smile.

30. Big white fluffy snowflakes on Christmas.

31. Snacking out of the garden.

32. The way my little dog follows me around the house.

33, Hot cocoa after a snowball fight.

34. The way Mom and Dad still act like young love birds after 22 years of marriage.

35. The way you're bound to be joined by someone when you start singing around here... whether it be with a whistle, attempted harmony, tapping of fingers or backing vocals.

36. Mature trees.

37. How Johnny embarrassed Mom by almost beating her in chess.

39. The gentle voice Lizzy uses for her 'Mom' little person when she plays doll house.

40. The sound wood makes when it burns.

41. How cute Annie is when she gets scared by a spider.

42. The fuzzy cheeks on Theresa's baby bunnies.

43. Honey bees.

44. How Stephen's cat sticks his rump in the air when you go to pet him.

45. Bright colors and pungent smells on flowers.

46. How Andrew pretends to be so inept in the kitchen that one of his sisters just has to step in and do (whatever it is) for him. He can build houses but not sandwiches. :)

47. Christmas and the way our family does gifts! (More on that later.)

48. The different voices that Michael gives the animals when he does farm chores.

49. Our little apple tree in the front yard.

50. Theresa's perfectionist tendency in her crafts.

51. The way spring smells when you finally get to open the windows.

52. How Andrew defends his cows in all situations.

53. The sun and all the beautiful things it can do.

54. The way baby animals kick their legs when they run.

55. Most importantly, my faith, which is the mortar that builds up my life with security. I'm so thankful to God for giving me my faith and an open mind and lifestyle with which to receive it.
I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgivings this year!


  1. You are just so sweet and I think its wonderful that you are so thankful for so much especially things that most of us take for granted... Have a wonderful thanksgiving. Count your blessings name them one by one!!!!!!

    CHaressa (kansas)

  2. What a wonderful list!

    As a Mom, I was especially touched by it.

    You have been blessed w/ a wonderful bunch of siblings and Godly parents.

    THEY have in turn been blessed to have YOU!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Lund's!

    Love from the Cukierski's

  3. Wow Mary that was beautifully amazing!

    I should do that too, make a really long list of all the things I am thankful for.

    I was smiling with every one I read.

    "sigh" I am thankful for people like you who can make everyone smile. :)

  4. Mary,

    You and your family share many wonderful treasures. Thanks for allowing us to peek in on your list.

    Mrs. M.

  5. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, Mary! Yes, I am a fellow crafter. You should post some pics of your projects!

    What is your novel about? I'd love to hear about it!

    I will be reading your blog regularly!! Glad to have you as one of my friends!




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