Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Pictures from the Week...

Nothing much to report here on the home-front... Life moves on just as it did yesterday, with changes so subtle that we often don't recognize them until a year or more of time has past. It's been rainy, a little snowy, sometimes cold and very wet and muddy here. The boys keep switching between their mudders and snow boots for farm chores. Andrew and Dad are putting the roof on the cabin and Stephen and Michael are putting the gardens to bed for the winter (both projects nearly done!). Us girls have been kept busy mopping up the mud behind the boys and making meals to keep Mom off her feet, etc. We are very much looking forward to Thanksgiving, the arrival of our new sibling and Christmas!
Everyone is healthy, warm, well fed, excited yet content, exercised in body and mind, yet well rested and overall happy.

Well, I won't keep you, I just have a few pictures from the week to share. Blessings to everyone!

The bunnies are getting so big! It's so much fun to have them running around the living room.
"Ah, Mom? Somebodies here..."

Fighting over who gets to sit in Mom's food bowl...

Some of Stephen's photography using the tree across the road...
At night...

Snow! (And there's still little red apples on that tree in the background.)
"Don't bother coming out guys, it's not enough to go sledding.." (thankfully this all melted! More predicted for tonight though).

If that electric line (overhead) and the van silhouette weren't there, they could be Indians on a ridge overlooking a westward headed wagon train...
Naw, just gals having fun...

Dad's gorgeous sunrise pictures... (Stephen misses out with his sleeping-in tendency!)

Also, our Lund Family Productions website has been receiving updates. Head over and read up on the post production of our latest short movie.

Have a nice day!!


  1. The bunnies are adorable, and of course so are the children. I loved looking at the scenery pics, especially those of the pink sunset!!!! Doesn't God Paint a gorgeous sky??

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  2. I love the pictures of the rabbits. Speaking of pictures, I really need to get the ones for my book finished. I haven't had any time lately to do anything, or at east that is what it feels like. No time to write, no time for animals, no time for drawing, no time for photography, no time at all.

    To night I have to punish myself into writing, I need to, or I will never have the book finished.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  3. My first visit to your blog. I enjoyed it. Love those bunnies! So soft and sweet.

  4. wow!!!! it looks like it really snowed up there we didn't get much though : (

  5. Thank you for replying (with your sis's help!) about the bunny hutches. Maybe I could ask one more favour of you girls? Could you ask your sister to measure the hutch and give me some measurements, and you could perhaps be even a great help for me and take some pictures of it?

    I am really lost on stuff like that, but any help would be so appreciated!

    FIRST PICK??? where do you live again???? lol they are so cute! I would need another cage tho... and a hutch for outside. (hint hint) lol

    Thank you again Mary and Theresa (spelling?)! VERY MUCH! Oh and before I go, I am writing an article about eggnog for our December issue of Growing In Grace Magazine ( and was wondering if you had a favourite recipe I could put in it? I would link back to you, and hopefully get some traffic to your blog. :) just let me know!

    love and blessings to all your wonderful family!



    Ps. Have you been to my other blog? is the address if you want to take a look. my sis just put a new template she made for me on it.

  6. Snow already?We never get snow this time of the year ,or even later on in the year.Have a good week in the Lord,



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