Monday, November 10, 2008

Egg Delivered C-Section

BREAKING NEWS: Egg delivered c-section. Mother does not survive.

Ok, we had an 'oh my gosh' moment this morning... Mom and I were butchering the 'egg eater' chickens and Mom was pulling out her chicken's guts like normal, when she suddenly cries, "Oh my gosh!". We all stepped closer to look and then began our own rounds of 'Oh my gosh!'es. Out came an egg! Fully formed, big hard shell, must have been just about to be laid.

Apparently, I mean obviously, (well duh!) she still lays. But, it wasn't that big of a loss because she has been caught twice in the act of eating eggs (usually her own). We've had this problem with chickens before. It usually correlates with the change of season when they stop free ranging. However, we've upped their oyster shell mineral which should fix the problem.

So, that was our first experience with butchering a layin' hen. I was totally amazed and told Stephen to go get his camera, but he was too grossed out and I don't think he really wanted to remember the incident... Sorry!


  1. that is too funny! and your brother being grossed out. my son would think that was just too cool!

  2. No yolk, that was something to crow about! (:

  3. You don't have to do a big post for it. You can do a little something on the end of one of your posts. I would count you as entered. If you are the only one who does, (and no one else has right now! lol) then you will win. :) I just wanted it to be so other people can see that you entered in the giveaway. Can you do it now?

    On a sidenote, that is gross! But interesting. We have been having a problem with rats with our eggs. We find the shells in the dark corners, open and egg yokes and whites GONE.

    I actually opened the lid to the feed bin down in the barn, and a giant rat, about a foot long with the tail was in it. I almost stuck my hand in there. YUCK. I screamed, and Eric, (who was doing barn chores with me) came running to see what was wrong. It was HUGE. Oh GROSS. Well, we do live on a farm! lol

    Blondie (my doggy) loves watching the rat holes, and tried to get the rat out of the bin. But she was going to tip the bin, and then the rat would have gotten away, and we wouldn't have killed it. (it's not dead yet. I left in it there!) but she's a good rat-finder. :)

    She killed a big mole a few weeks ago. Nasty thing. And chased a possum outta here. It played dead so Dad took it across the road. Stupid thing.

    Well, think about the giveaway. :)



  4. That is funny. Poor chicken. We had a chicken that was attacked by a dog, and for two weeks she laid eggs with no shell or just the shell with nuttin in it! It was weird. It was amazing to get these hard egg shells with no......egg inside!

    Well, thanks for sharing. Hope to talk to you soon!


  5. That sounds kind of Have a good day in the Lord,


  6. ya, that's so cool we've butchered hens with eggs in them it's so cool when you find one!!!!!!!!!


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