Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Interveiw with the Barnyard Animals Regarding the Latest Snowfall...

Good morning friends, and what a snowy morning it is! Won't you join me as we follow the kids through the freshly fallen snow to visit the animals on this chilly morning? Please dodge all overhead flying snowballs, as certain boys usually do more than just feed and water the animals! We know they enjoy all the snow the sky gives them, but let's ask some furry friends for their opinion of this cold white stuff...

We'll start by headin' over to grain the chickens...

Well Rooster?
"I hate it. It's cold. It covers up our food. It's cold. We can't go as far from home. It's cold. It makes our feet freeze and did I mention it's cold?"

Well, what a grinch. Lets see, who else?

"Oooh me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!"

Okay, how do you like the snow?

"Um, it snowed?"

"Ha Ha Ha! She's so dumb!"

So how do you like the snow Danny?
"Ah, what snow?"

Okay... let's see if we can't get a more intelligent response..

Lily, what do you think of the snow?
Da's a dumb questin; course I like it! All my food gets delivered now. And I especially like da new addition on our house dat Andrew and Dad made for jest us cows dis year:"That's very nice.

Now let's move on to Lizzy who's warming up the horses for their interviews today...

What do you think of the snow Frysta? Is it warmer this year than when you entered the world on that snowy 20-below zero night?
"Yes, it's pwetty much warmer.. actually, it's a tiny bit cold. Actually, I can't feel my nosed."

So Lady, what don't you like about the snow?"
"My tonguue geddin fwozen when I dwink."

Muggur, what do you think of the snow?
"Oh, das what dis white stuff is? Oh, dood. I was chased by one of dem white tings falling fwom da sky and I was so tcared... I tought I was doing to die!"

Oh... that's nice... Ahem. Okay, lets talk to some beasts with higher IQs for a change.

Hey April and Mae, how's the snow?
"It's pretty good." "No it's very good." "Well, no, I wouldn't use the word 'very' because that implies perfection and it is a little on the cold side." "No, it doesn't imply perfection, it implies close to perfection and it's not that cold." "I think it is cold. Perhaps the word 'moderate' would be a choice substitute." "Your ears are on backwards, 'very' is the perfect word!" "No, see, now you're using the word 'perfect' to imply something that is only 'very good'." "I wasn't implying it for the 'very good' replacement. I was implying it for the substitute of the pretty good." "Hey! my ears are not so on backwards. At least my mother was a mare!" "Well, the understatement of the year would be to say that your father was a donkey." "You have no idea what the understatement of the year is, but if there was one, it would be to say that you have any intelligence whatsoever." "I do too know what the understatement of the year is, and it just happens to be that your---"

Okay, perhaps intelligence isn't the best substitute. We'll settle with 'very good' by turning to Dukey:"Well, it's a tad chilly, and just a hint nippy, and perhaps 15% cold. I don't mind tho, it's an excuse to get the blood pumping by--"

"Hey! Hey!"
Yes, Lena, we were getting to you...

"Well, take your time why don't you..."

Thank you, I was getting to you, sarcastic little pony. Okay. How do you like the snow?

"Snow? Oh yea, I know snow, it's cold."

Thank you for that, now you can go pester somebody else.

To the rest of you, thank you for joining us. We hope you come back and visit soon!!


  1. I love it , just love it. You had me laughing so hard!! My husband asked what was going on and he started laughing too. Thank you for the chuckle today. What a blessing you are. Just a question do you get paid in real money for your interview or in chicken feed???

    God Bless, mj

  2. :D

    That was hilarious Mary! As always you are very good at impersonating animals. It suited all the animals so well. I especially love Muggur and the mules. ;)

  3. I cannot wait for it to snow here, it is starting to freeze, so it is close at hand.


  4. you got i pretty nice amount of snow we only got like a in. and a half : (

  5. Oh you are so imaginative!!!!!! I loved it! My husband thought I was crazy for laughing so hard too! Maybe we need to interview ours! But there is no snow here!


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