Thursday, December 4, 2008

This 'in That...

Sorry I've been awhile in updating. We've all been a little more on the 'go' for Mom who's a little more on the 'slow' as she nears her due date. Today, we butchered chickens and I showed the four siblings under me how it's done in Mom's absence. Isn't it pathetic that we've owned chickens for ten+ years and they just learned how to do that chore today? It took Mom being out of commission for them to step up to the plate. But, I'm proud of the job they did and the fact that, despite their predictions, they did not throw up during the process.
Gross chicken innards aside, it was actually rather fun to be all sitting around the table with Annie murmuring reassurance to her chicken's remains, Stephen making his chicken leg run at Theresa across the table, Theresa mostly moaning that she was going to faint and asking me to do the gross stuff for her, and Michael getting mad at his chicken for expelling unmentionables at him. Oh, and here's a secret for you, when a certain chicken that Stephen is butchering squawks at him, he will scream like a girl! Someone mentioned getting a camera for you readers, but I don't think Stephen wanted to remember the incident...

Anyway, here's a few pictures from the week:

Theresa's bunnies are now big enough to sell, so Stephen was taking pictures for the posters we usually hang up around town.

Stephen's way of  decking out for the holidays (yea, he's a spider-man fan through and through...)
Our Thanksgiving table. Pretty isn't it?

I set up our Nativity creche a few days ago. Now the kids are working on filling it with straw for every good deed they do while Mary and Joseph are traveling toward it from a window sill upstairs.



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  2. ya I didn't use to like butchering chicken now i love it!!! those rabbits grow up fast 8 0. nice stable scene ; ) ttyl. Stephen

  3. Officially, that is THE cutest bunny picture yet!!


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