Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am the ghost of Christmas past...

I am playing the ghost of Christmas past today, and digging up a bunch of old family Christmas pictures. I only go back a few years, as the rest are not digital on the computer. But I think the changes are still interesting enough...

Christmas '01 (I know, "whoa...")

(No picture for Christmas '02)

Christmas '03 (Johnny is here now, though he isn't looking...)

Christmas '04

Christmas '05 (first Christmas in MI!)

Christmas '06 (Augh! I can't believe we didn't get a family picture this year! Though I noticed we seemed to have a lot of individual pictures, so I put them together in sort of a collage...)

Last Christmas, '07 (our first Christmas in our new house).

Usually, our tradition is a Christmas Eve family picture so the new one probably won't be out until then (and it should include a new family member this year!! ).


  1. I can hear your Mom saying the new family member BETTER be included in this year's picture. LOL! (We are praying that you guys won't have to wait too much longer!!) Wow, it sure is neat to look back on past Christmases and watch the family grow. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Loved seeing all of the pictures. What a great review! We are so excited about seeing the newest member. Each time the blog is highlighted I am eager to see if baby has arrived.

    We are currently in an ice storm and trust that you are getting the fluffy white snow.

    Bless your holiday and thanks for keeping in touch!

    Mrs. M

  3. You all changed a lot especially Annie and Theresa!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Andrew a little....... the 08, pic will look cool ; )

  4. Hi Mary and Lund familly! Congratulations! I've been reading the blog once and a while -- you all seem so happy and have such a beautiful life. So much talent too!

    Life is a little different for me here in New York city so it's great to check in and see what you are up to. I'd love to try some goat's milk someday.

    I wish you joy and many blessings to come in the New Year.

    -- Your cousin / niece, Sara


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