Monday, May 5, 2008

Thank you Guardian Angel...

I am very familiar with the great views that can be had with a horse between my legs. Well, today I got to see a view that was not so great and this one was between their legs. My mare of one year has been CRAZY with (ahem) PMS  this spring. Last Sunday she went through 7 fences!!! We had to keep her separate from the herd (away from the boys) this week and tried putting her back in today... not so good. She is still in heat! As soon as I walked in the pen everybody went crazy and the next thing I knew I was under four legs with my sister screaming. I got knocked around a bit but thankfully never stepped on. I was plastered (disgustingly) in a foot of manure/mud. When I finally caught her again, (amazingly without any broken fences!) and got her back in her confinement pen, my (other) sister commented ever so sweetly that I looked a little less than pleasant. I said I felt and smelled less than pleasant. It wasn't until I got inside though, that I saw what she meant. I had manure/mud splattered on my face and in my hair and my clothes were drenched through with the stuff. Showering never felt so good!

On top of this exciting event, the mule that I am training dumped my little sister off today. I was sitting on her for a half hour yesterday and she did perfect but today she was a little 'gooseir' (as we call it). She has always had the problem of feeling goosy when she has a bareback rider on. I and other siblings have been dumped for this reason. I did think she was finally getting over it though. If I used a saddle, she'd probably do fine but, I have a thing against saddles. They've caused more falls then not for me and I plumb don't care for 'em.


  1. Thank God that you both are ok...

    god bless


  2. Wow what a testimony to the protection you had, I remember being rolled on back in my hey days!, and I had to have a friend get her off, I too was not hurt just bruised a

  3. Sorry that was me Jeannie aka Gypsy Farm Girl, I didnt realize I wasnt signed in yet.

  4. Hi. My name is Handmaidenalli not my real name. I am glad that I've found another friend who likes horses. I am horse crazy. I've been horseback riding a while ago but have not. I am really wanting to ride horses agian. Later.


  5. I have never actually fallen of a horse, I slipped of when the horse I was caring for when he was cantering but landed on my feet and ran beside the horse (and almost into a barb wire fence).

    I too, have had my fair share of kicking, biting, bumping, manure falling, and fence busting (and all we have is a miniature horse!) Just about a month ago I was cleaning the horse's stall when I caught my foot on the gate (I was walking backwards into the stall because I was bringing in the wheelbarrow) and fell right on my rear in the pile of manure I had just racked up. I did not smell like any "June Rose" then.



  6. Welcome to Homesteadblogger!


  7. Wow, I didn't realize that I would find fellow horse people around here. You know what they say; misery loves company. ;-)

    Well, I worked with both the mule and the mare today and both did much better, thank goodness! I rode the mule without getting bucked off (though, she still was slightly goosy) and worked with the crazy mare and lived. :-) She can't help it she's a chicken! :-P

    Thanks for indirectly directing me here Julia(/BlueApple)!!


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