Thursday, May 8, 2008

Homemade Banner

Since I was feeling a little under the weather today, I decided to put together a banner for my new blog with pictures from around our homestead. Each of us kids appear once (actually, I appear twice) and 15 different animals. Andrew and Stephen are sword fighting in the bottom left corner (a common past time of the boys). Lizzy is holding Whitey next to them. I am hugging Brimi above her. Theresa and I are ridding my mare, Lady, in the center. Johnny and my dog, Molly, are below us. Michael and Whitey are above Buttercup (the cow) on the right, and Annie is above them holding baby Danny, our ram.


  1. I love the banner. I escpically liked the rainbow,sunrays, and you riding the horse. I LOVE horses.


  2. I think it is beautiful! I like it a lot, it really shows the heart and joy of the homestead. It will make me happy to see you all every time I go to your blog. :)

    (And just in case Theresa doesn't believe me:

    It is Jules



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