Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Buddy's Blue Bucket

  Our Big, Baby, Bull, Buddy's, Blue Bucket

Everyone in this household is used to the familiar slam of the front door followed by "MILK!" every morning and night from our cow and/or goat milkers. Now a new phrase has been added to the list; "Can I have Buddy's Bucket?" This proceeds the "MILK!" one. Whoever is in the kitchen will bend over and pick up the little blue bucket from it's place under the counter and give it to Andrew at the front door. To us, it's a little blue bucket with a rubber nipple on one end. To Buddy, it's; "Momma!" 

When he sees Andrew crossing the yard with this little blue bucket, he starts dancing around his pen for joy. Racing from corner to corner, he kicks, jumps and hops until Andrew gets closer to the pen. This is a very dangerous time because he's bound to eat anything that comes through the fence.

When Andrew gets tired of teasing poor Buddy, he's hooks the bucket inside his pen and lets him suck the bijeebers out of it, (well the milk anyway). He can usually down a half gallon in ten minutes. Not bad, considering you have to take it suck by suck. He's almost as good as our top hand milkers.
Afterwards, he always stands there and demands that there wasn't enough. It's amazing the excuses he comes up with to convince Andrew that he needs more. Such as; "the cat drank most of it," "I inhaled half of it through my nose, so I didn't get to taste it," "the bucket has a hole in it," "I think I'm getting dehydrated in this 50 degree heat," and; "I have company coming this weekend and need to put some aside for them."

(Of course bulls can't talk, you can just tell by his expression. )


  1. too funny!! and what a cute calf!!

    Alex ;)

  2. The previous comment was from me, btw. ;-)

  3. I didn't get to see him when we were out... he's a beautiful little bull!

  4. Awww! Ur calf looks cute. I liked impression it had on it's face.

    Have a great day,



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